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The explorers of Alcimed's Aeronautics/Space/Defence team guide everyday major players (e.g. integrators, Original Equipment Manufacturers, operators, institutions) in the exploration and development of their uncharted territories. The uncharted territories of our clients can be grouped under 5 areas: new technologies (drawing up state of the art, evaluating technologies, looking for partners,...), new offers (building new services offers, differentiating them from the competition, estimating their potential, launching them!...), new geographies (exploring the BRICs and beyond, defining access strategies, identifying growth levers,...), possible futures (carrying out prospective studies, imagining new passenger experiences, anticipating structural changes in a sector, projecting new skills and new jobs,...) and new ways to innovate (innovating in the animation of communities, improving innovation processes, digitalizing practices,...). Let's explore together!

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« We’ve launched “The Race” with Alcimed, an initiative helping us pivoting our core business. With The Race we are building strong differentiation through innovations going beyond technology. For several months, we embark and support key Product Lines to shake beliefs and demonstrate our capacity to innovate. Feedbacks show impressive change of mindsets and great business impacts!
The Race is now a community inspiring action in all our Business Units. This initiative was welcomed by both teams and management members.»

Valérie BERTHEAU, Group Product Policy VP, Thales Group

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