The explorers of Alcimed’s Healthcare team support innovative biotech companies in the exploration and development of their uncharted territories at all stages of their evolution.

We help emerging start-ups and spin-offs in early stage product development, opportunity evaluation (e.g. identifying key market segments and applications, prioritizing pipeline products,…) and in dossier creation (e.g. developing and refining their business plan, defining a roadmap…).

For the more mature companies, we provide support in establishing a business development strategy (e.g. choosing a market access strategy, competitive analysis, identifying partners,…).

We also help the more advanced and established players to launch their products, explore new development opportunities - in niche market (e.g. rare diseases) or in hot topics (e.g. microbiome) - and to identify future perspectives (e.g. integration of AI solutions).

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« We recently worked with Alcimed to support us in one of our projects. A project well carried out, with a friendly and efficient team, which respects the timings! »

Jean-Baptiste CAQUELIN, Marketing Director France

« By bringing together multiple interests, streamlining the pace of effort for each stakeholder, and coordinating different viewpoints, Alcimed played a decisive role in the selection of the CIL'LICO consortium project, winner of the RHU (University Hospital Research Program) wave 3 competition.»

Jean-Philippe ANNEREAU, CEO and co-founder of Medetia

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