Our CSR commitments

CSR and Alcimed

Innovation is at the heart of our expertise. By working with major industry players and institutions around the world, Alcimed plays a major contributing role in building models of innovation and development that are more responsible and more respectful, both for people and for the planet.

As such, to better accompany our clients in their CSR challenges, we have developed our own CSR policy around 4 major pillars: Alcims (our team), commercial ethics, environment, and responsible purchasing. We have also implemented a 5th pillar of societal engagement around a cause that is very important to us: rare diseases.

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In 2023, Alcimed achieves Platinum status from EcoVadis and enters the top 1% of companies in the sector

An award that reflects the concrete actions implemented by our teams in terms of CSR for several years. And this is just the beginning! We are committed to continuing to improve our practices and to strengthening our environmental, social, and ethical impact every year. This EcoVadis Platinum medal ensures our clients and partners of the quality of our management and our daily determination in terms of CSR.

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Our social policy

Our adventure’s success is wholly dependent on the men and women that make up Alcimed. We consider our human resources the key to our success: this is why our social policy is a fundamental element of our CSR strategy. It has repercussions in all of the countries where we operate.


Our supplier’s charter

We defined our business principles and values in our supplier’s charter, and we expect our suppliers to adhere to them without exception. Our supplier’s charter draws upon the major sustainable development principles of the United Nations Global Compact, which Alcimed joined in 2022. These principles concern the respect of human rights, international work standards, the environment, and fighting against corruption.


Carbon footprint assessment

Alcimed carried out its first carbon footprint assessment on scopes 1-2-3 in 2022 (based on our activities in 2019 in order to have a reference year without impact from the COVID-19 pandemic). In 2019, Alcimed was responsible for 60kg CO2 per 1000€ in sales.


Gender equality

The gender equality index for Alcimed SAS was 96/100 in 2023. This is the product of a consistent pay equity policy.