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Alcimed is very experienced working with industries such as pharmaceuticals, materials, agri-food and cosmetics, on many bioproduction-related projects driven towards a more sustainable and responsible approach to production, benefitting the planet and its inhabitants.

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    The challenges related to bioproduction

    Bioproduction, which involves the use of living cells or organisms to produce useful products, has become an increasingly popular method across industries, due to its potential to produce high-value products at a lower cost. However, as we are dealing with living organisms, the processes are more difficult to control, and optimization is endless, from the very first step: getting the right performant master cells or organisms that will produce the compound, to downstream purification of the compound, through proper process monitoring to increase yields and ensure both quality and safety of the final product.

    Therefore, the field is constantly evolving, and this triggers specific challenges, technological ones for sure, but also the strategic choice of producing in-house or subcontracting to experienced players, the compliance to local regulations that evolve themselves, to name a few.

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      You have a project and want to discuss it with our explorers, write us!

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      How we support you in your projects related to bioproduction

      Alcimed has been supporting many clients on issues related to bioproduction and biomanufacturing, leading more than 100 projects on this topic. The diversity of our clients (pharmaceutical industries, biotechs, CDMOs / CMOs, research centres, national institutions, etc.), the geographical fields we explore, and the types of projects we carry out, gives us a global and in-depth understanding of the issues addressed.

      In our projects, we have accompanied several industry players to improve the production of bioalternatives, by understanding current bioproduction methods, assessing their optimisation potential and creating recommendations to avoid roadblocks and to seize main opportunities.

      Our projects cover topics as diverse as market study for a given bioproduct, needs and expectations assessment, market sizing, partner scouting, technology scouting, value proposition and development of go-to-market strategy, aligned with local regulatory bodies imperatives, to name a few.

      Examples of recent projects carried out for our clients in bioproduction

      • Comparative analysis of vaccine bioproduction processes

        For a leading vaccine player, Alcimed conducted a comparative analysis to understand vaccine manufacturing steps across key stakeholders in the vaccine industry. The project aimed to understand the commercial application of the products as well as the current market offer.

        Our team performed a comparative benchmarking across available bioproduction services, evaluating their status-quo with respect to elements such as scalability and cost, while also considering regulatory aspects.

        The project considered the role of external factors, such as differences in manufacturing facilities or geographical specificities for each analysed site. At the end, our team was able to propose key next steps for a unique value proposition and differentiation from competitors.

      • Optimisation of biomanufacturing for the agri-food sector

        Our team helped a player in the bioproduction field to improve the production of alternative proteins.

        The project consisted in understanding current methods (for instance, in yeasts and bacteria), while assessing their optimisation potential in the near and mid-terms.

        Recommendations were built upon the identification of the main biotechnologies and potential partners, based on roadblocks and main opportunities.

      • Search for potential partners for bioproduction in developing countries

        Alcimed supported an emerging biotechnology company in the search for partners to set up a novel bioproduction technology aiming to produce more affordable, and consequentially more accessible, pharmaceutical products (biosimilars) in developing countries.

        To do so, our team helped in identifying funding resources, organizations and potential partners to set up the technology and the production platform of our client in the designated low- and middle-income countries.

        In this project, we exchanged with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) promoting local pharmaceutical production and access to medicines in the countries in-scope, as well as started discussions with international organizations providing resources for the establishment of healthcare production facilities in low-income countries such as NGOs, investment funds & governmental organizations.

      • Strategic positioning of a CDMO player biomanufacturing innovative therapies

        Alcimed supported a European bioproduction player in the definition of its CDMO strategy for biomanufacturing innovative therapies for third parties.

        This project explored how our client’s current offer is perceived, and benchmarked international offer to identify best practices. The strategic analysis also included an assessment of several scenarios and an understanding of the different implications regarding financial, legal and organizational aspects. Our team then defined a roadmap to implement the preferred scenario, accompanied by a customizable business plan (financial, HR).

        Following market validation of our client’s value proposition, our project team proposed a new operational model for our client’s biomanufacturing activity, aiming at better adapting the offer to the challenges of the market and the dynamics of the local ecosystem.

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