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Alcimed supports its clients in their carbon neutrality projects, especially in their low carbon strategies. Following the European climate law and the European Green Deal unveiled by the European Commission at the end of 2019, the EU is committed to making Europe climate neutral by 2050. Achieving carbon neutrality is essential to limit global warming to +1.5 degrees, one of the objectives of the Paris Agreement signed by 195 countries. To achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, planting trees, switching to renewable energies, and implementing energy efficiency will not be enough. Manufacturers understand this well, and many want to drastically reduce their carbon emissions, especially through the implementation of low carbon strategies.

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    The challenges related to carbon neutrality

    Today, many manufacturers want to go further and invest in technologies that make it possible to decarbonize not only energy consumption, but the industrial processes themselves. Low carbon strategies are therefore broader today and can include carbon-neutral products and services, CCUS (Carbon Capture Utilization Storage) strategies, as well as carbon offsetting.

    Although many challenges remain (economic, regulatory and societal), the CCS, CCU and green hydrogen approaches represent high-stakes innovations:

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      You have a project and want to discuss it with our explorers, write us!

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      How we support you in your projects related to carbon neutrality 

      On challenges related to carbon neutrality, Alcimed supports different types of customers such as:

      • National and European institutions and research centers (e.g., ADEME, Ministry of Ecological Transition, etc.).
      • Industrial players, namely in the energy, environment, and chemical sectors, etc.

      The diversity of our clients, the geographic fields we explore, and the types of projects we develop give us a global in-depth understanding of the issues related to low carbon strategies.

      Our projects cover areas as diverse as the development of services around energy efficiency issues, the implementation of CCUS technological approaches to identify the best capture/valorization pairs, new approaches for carbon neutrality, market studies to find business opportunities, the development of business models around CO2, the search for academic or industrial partners, and many others!

      Examples of recent projects carried out for our clients in carbon neutrality

      • Identification of CCUS technologies applicable to the CO2 deposit of an agri-food player and evaluation of associated business opportunities

        On behalf of a leader in wines and spirits, Alcimed identified CCUS technologies that could be applied to its CO2 depositing activity.

        After having drawn up an overview of the available technologies, and based on an in-depth technical, economic, and environmental assessment of these technologies, Alcimed was able to, on the one hand, deprioritize the technologies with low technico-economic feasibility or whose carbon sequestration potential was too limited (either in terms of absorbable volumes or in terms of carbon sequestration duration) and, on the other hand, select eight technologies and their associated industrial applications, including the manufacture of building materials, concrete treatment and sodium bicarbonate production.

      • Strategic study of CO2 valorization methods for a public player

        Alcimed supported a public player in the development of a benchmark document on the different ways of CO2 valorization aiming at assessing France’s strategic interest in promoting one way of CO2 valorization.

        After having segmented the different valorization ways according to the nature of the CO2 conversion (no conversion, chemical, biological), Alcimed carried out a state of the art for the various projects relating to each valorization way and identified the main challenges and obstacles for each sector.

      • Definition of a CCUS strategy for an environmental player

        As part of its carbon neutrality objective, one of our clients, an environmental player, wanted to explore in detail the potential for a CCUS strategy.

        Alcimed supported it by identifying all the solutions—available or in development—for capturing CO2 on a global scale as well as possible valorization ways.

        Among the 70 or so solutions and 43 valorization ways listed, our team selected the most promising capture/valorization solution pairs for our client. Valorization ways such as mineralization or alternatives to fossil fuels have been explored.

      • Technico-economic analysis of chemical-based technologies for CO2 valorization

        Alcimed supported a project leader in the overall understanding of the chemical-based CO2 valorization ways in an effort to better position its own technologies.

        Alcimed completed an overview of these ways to position them in relation to each other according to different criteria: technological maturity, industrialization, development potential, economic interest of the products formed, etc.

        Alcimed also focused on the electrochemical method and carried out a state of the art in order to highlight the advantages of the researcher’s technologies over the competition for the production of several attractive products that use electrolysis, such as propanol, ethylene, or carbon monoxide.

      • Development of a Hydrogen Propulsion System for Aircraft for an aerospace company

        A player in the aeronautical industry wanted to position itself in the hydrogen propulsion market for regional aircraft (20 – 100 seats). In order to define the right development strategy, and acquire the necessary skills and partners, this player called on our team to study the market up to 2040, as well as the competitive landscape.

        To do this, we drew up an overview of the players positioned in the market, and conducted a competitive analysis of the most threatening competitors, in order to identify the key success factors and the right targets to aim for. To complete our vision of the market, we also carried out a survey of potential users projecting trends to 2040.

        Our work enabled our client to refine its roadmap, review and set the right objectives, and focus on the most important aspects to consider in its development.

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