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The Alcimed Healthcare team is working in the expanding subject of digital health, or eHealth, by supporting its clients on digital technology integration at various points in the value chain, from upstream R&D to interaction with clients, patients and prescribers.

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    The challenges related to digital health or eHealth

    The challenges are many, because digital health brings to the table various stakeholders from the world of healthcare: healthcare industrial players, public and private payers, institutions, patient associations, healthcare professionals, tech and digital industrial players, and patients naturally!

    The principal challenges of the field are linked to:

    In each of these cases, eHealth is a crucial element, both for public authorities and industry players in the sector. Alcimed draws on its expertise in healthcare and its capability to decipher complex technological and market environments in order to help its clients in developing innovative eHealth offers and preparing the healthcare of tomorrow.

      Tell us about your uncharted territory

      You have a project and want to discuss it with our explorers, write us!

      One of our explorers will contact you shortly.

      How we support you in your projects related to eHealth or digital health

      Drawing on more than 30 years of experience working alongside its healthcare clients, Alcimed is especially well positioned to explore the unfamiliar territory that eHealth represents for industrial players. We support all stakeholders in life sciences and specifically:

      • The pharmaceutical industry and stakeholders such as Sanofi, Pierre Fabre, Merck, MSD, Takeda, Roche, etc.
      • The medical device industry and stakeholders such as bioMérieux, BD, J&J, etc.
      • Innovation players specifically project leaders, eHealth start-ups, technology transfer acceleration companies (SATT), etc.

      The diversity of our clients (industrial players, healthtech companies, academics, institutions, etc.), the geographic fields we explore, and the types of projects we develop, give us global comprehensive insight into challenges related to eHealth.

      Our projects cover topics as diverse as new technologies, the search for partners, patient pathway analysis, building value propositions or evaluating business cases that demonstrate the value generated for our clients and the players they interact with in their market.

      Examples of recent projects carried out for our clients in digital health

      • Market study on a digital remote monitoring solution for outpatients following surgery

        Alcimed provided support to a start-up offering eHealth remote monitoring services for outpatients following surgery. Interacting with hospital sector stakeholders (general management, financial management, IT management, heads of department, etc.) enabled us to assess how this solution was received, its market potential and also the means of acquisition and the services most expected by potential buyers.

        Our recommendation enabled us to position the solution in a more finely-tuned manner, and highlighted a series of core success factors, particularly in terms of partnerships and specific technical characteristics.

      • Identification and assessment of partners offering artificial intelligence solutions in eHealth for drug repurposing

        Alcimed provided support to a pharmaceutical stakeholder in exploring and conducting in-depth analysis of start-ups and SMEs offering artificial intelligence services in order to discover new therapeutic candidates. More precisely, the challenge was to put forward preferential partners to conduct the repositioning of molecules (“drug repurposing”).

        The result of the project was a recommendation of 4 companies from among upwards of 150 at international level, enabling the subject to be framed for our client but also to provide clear reasoning as to the partnerships upon which to focus in the targeted therapeutic areas.

      • Design of a mobile application to provide better monitoring of patients with chronic illnesses, and an associated development plan

        Alcimed provided support to a pharmaceutical leader positioned in chronic gastrointestinal disease. In this context, the monitoring of patients was somewhat poor, due to that fact that in the absence of severe acute episodes, they do not notice the rather slow progress of the disease and therefore they consult their doctor too irregularly.

        In order to develop a digital solution that was relevant in this context, we applied an approach of design thinking, bringing together healthcare professionals and patients. They redefined the issues themselves, clarified the needs and prototyped the ideal solution.

        We then supported our client in the search for partners in order to put this solution into practice, and established a roadmap over several years, seeking to demonstrate the solution’s medical benefit.

      • Analysis of possible telemedicine-based business models for a pharmaceutical laboratory in women's health

        While telemedicine is a healthcare access channel that is rapidly developing in eHealth, it is also a potential avenue for the industry to implement complementary services for professionals and patients.

        Alcimed has provided support to an international pharmaceutical laboratory in building a business case in women’s health, underscoring how services based on teleconsultation platforms could create value.

        The project concluded with the implementation of three pilot programs with sector start-ups in France, Germany and Russia.

      • Definition of the e-health strategy in France & Belgium for a big pharma

        Alcimed worked with a top pharmaceutical client to understand the e-Health ecosystem in France and Belgium in order to identify solutions to answer pre-defined stakes in the care pathway of Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) and Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia (WM).

        We first deciphered the e-health ecosystem and mapped e-health solution providers in France and Belgium. Then, collaboratively with the client, existing solutions were prioritized according to pre-defined stakes in the care pathways of CLL and WM. Finally, the solutions of highest interest were further analyzed in terms of applicability and maturity.

        This resulted in the identification of 10 relevant partners as a first entry door to the e-Health markets in France and Belgium.

      • Evaluation of the business opportunity to launch an e-health solution of self-rehabilitation for post-stroke spasticity patients, in France

        Alcimed supported a mid-size pharma company in assessing the business potential in France of launching an e-health solution for self-rehabilitation for post-stroke spasticity patients as a standalone product with a dedicated business model.

        We assessed first the interest of HCPs for such a solution, their opinion on the level of use by patients, and the features they would like to see in the solution. In a second step, based on this feedback and data coming from desk research, we built a business case with different profitability scenarios for the solution as a standalone product.

        At the end of the project, the client was able to decide on how to move forward with the development of the solution, and where they should invest in priority.

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