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Innovate in patient care thanks to self-diagnosis

Alcimed’s healthcare team is exploring opportunities linked to new self-diagnosis tools that optimize detection of a disease and allow faster care. We support our clients in their innovation and development projects in the market of medical self-diagnosis.

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    The challenges related to self-diagnosis

    Self-diagnosis allows people to evaluate their health in an autonomous manner without the need for a medical consultation, which opens the possibility to improve public health and reduce treatment costs. Self-diagnoses are everywhere today, especially since the explosion of COVID self-testing, with numerous domains concerned including:

    • Infectious disorders self-testing such as for HIV, Hepatitis C, tetanus, and COVID
    • Digestive system testing such as gastric ulcers and gastro-esophageal reflux disorder
    • Urinary sicknesses, such as urinary tract infections and kidney stones
    • Cardiovascular disorders, via monitoring blood pressure, heart beat, and blood sugar levels
    • Self-diagnosis of pregnancy

    With a growing demand for rapid and accessible healthcare treatment, as well as the development of new technologies, the self-diagnosis market is rapidly expanding. However, it still has several challenges for healthcare industry players, such as:

      Tell us about your uncharted territory

      You have a project and want to discuss it with our explorers, write us!

      One of our explorers will contact you shortly.

      How we support you in your projects related to self-diagnosis 

      On a daily basis, Alcimed supports diagnostic and healthcare industry players who wish to innovate or engage themselves in the self-diagnostic market.

      We support numerous actors including

      • Industry players in medical devices and diagnostics, such as bioMérieux, BD, Roche, Abbott, Menarini, and others
      • Pharmaceutical industry players such as Sanofi, Pfizer, Janssen, Pierre Fabre, Merck, MSD, Takeda, and others
      • Innovation players and project leaders, start-ups in e-health, technology transfer acceleration companies, and more
        The diversity of our client, the geographic areas we explore, and the types of projects we carry out give us a global and in-depth understanding of the problems and challenges linked to the self-diagnosis market.

      Our projects cover diverse subjects such as state-of-the-art, identification of new technologies, partner searches, studies and optimization of patient pathways, market studies, development of new products and services, building value propositions or re-thinking business models, and more!

      Examples of recent projects carried out for our clients in self-diagnosis

      • Market study of blood self-diagnostics in the post-pandemic context

        Alcimed supported a leading health player in carrying out a study of the trends, needs and tools for at-home blood collection. The goal of the project was to understand the market dynamics of self-sampling of blood after the pandemic in the United States. Our team carried out a multi-layered study for the client, including:

        • An overview of potential clients for at-home tests, with a specific focus on tests for food allergies, women’s health, STI/STD, and for cardiovascular health
        • A market segmentation of at-home blood collection between those with real medical usages and those with mostly non-medical usages
        • A study of the experience of patients and of the necessary improvements to be made

        Through this, our client could identify growing opportunities in this segment of the self-diagnosis market.

      • Evaluation of the opportunities in the self-test domain

        We supported an industrial player in the identification and characterization of different self-test opportunities, notably coagulation and hormonal testing.

        Our team initially mapped out the existing offer of tests on the market, then carried out a study of the unaddressed expectations and needs of patients and healthcare professionals, in order to select and evaluate several opportunities for our client.

        This project allowed our client to identify several developmental routes to consider to increase their offer on the market.

      • Overview of self-diagnosis solutions for the continued monitoring of interstitial fluid

        Our client, a pharmaceutical industry player, wanted to have a better understanding of the existing or developing technologies for the continuous monitoring of interstitial fluid, in order to evaluate the potential of their concept and direct their investments.

        The project allowed our client to obtain a comprehensive view of the continuous monitoring of interstitial fluid domain thanks to a detailed evaluation of the key detection technologies identified (main types of sensor, developmental stage, functionality of the detection technology, pricing order of magnitude, etc.).

      • Identification of solutions for detecting non-alcoholic fatty liver disease that could be used as self-diagnostics

        We supported a diagnostic player in a project aiming to define a solution (technology and associated patient pathway) allowing for patients to take responsibility for their liver monitoring via a preventative approach.

        The researched solution was a tool that could detect hepatic steatosis (the earliest stage of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease) thanks to validated biomarkers, and could be used at home by patients while remaining cost-effective.

        In the end, two solutions were selected and our client could make first contact with potential partners.

      • Identification and qualification of the at-home testing market and understanding of the current market access situation

        Alcimed worked with an In-Vitro-Diagnostic leader to identify and qualify business opportunities for home-based testing diagnostic solutions.

        Across four countries in three different continents, our team did an extensive overview of the current home-testing market. Our team investigated and gathered key information about the market access situation regarding home-testing in the geographies of interest, including suggested pathways to reimbursement, potential hurdles, relevant access initiatives as well as key trends impacting this segment.

        Based on this study, we were able to provide key business opportunities for our client and recommendations on how to move forward in  grasping these opportunities.

      • Assessing the potential for developing a urinalysis screening-monitoring test to be conducted by pet owners

        Alcimed supported a key healthcare player in evaluating the opportunities for a pets urinalysis screening-monitoring test which would be performed by pet owners.

        To do so, our team conducted a thorough study on urinary devices and their use by veterinarians and pet owners. We explored several type of tests such as colorimetric strip tests, smartphone-based or digital reading modes tests, ELISA rapid tests, … that can detect up to 11 urine markers: blood, bilirubin, urobilinogen, ketones, proteins, nitrites, glucose, pH, specific gravity, leukocytes and ascorbic acid. For each marker, our team investigated the scientific rationale as well as the market potential for our client make the best decision with regards to the positioning of its envisioned testing solution.

        Finally, we summarized guidelines regarding deported urinalysis tests while specifying the level of interest for these tests and we assessed the opportunity of the market and built recommendations for our client.

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