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Alcimed Position Paper – HEALTHCARE & AERONAUTICS

Published on 09 December 2020 Read 25 min

Faced with this crisis and its impacts (fear of flying again, importance of health considerations to travel again, investments required to take a new environmental turn, economic impacts on the entire supply chain …), the aeronautics industry will have to reinvent itself because there will definitely be a “pre-Covid-19 world” and a “post-Covid-19 world”.

How can Aeronautics fly again thanks to Healthcare?

While the world of Healthcare has gone through numerous epidemics and pandemics for decades, the world of Aeronautics has experienced very few crises in its existence. Those it has encountered have had fairly short term impacts since the effects were very localized.

On the other hand, the current crisis linked to the Covid-19 very strongly disrupted air traffic in China and then in Asia – the first centers of this pandemic – in January-February 2020 and then spread worldwide in an extremely rapid manner causing a sudden and significant halt in activity from March-April 2020.

The health aspect will thus take an unavoidable place, and “Aeronautics and Health” necessarily implies reinforced health controls at the airports, disinfection of the cabins, massive deployment of tests… However, for the air mobility sector, it is necessary to consider Health in its entirety and in the long term because successive waves linked to Covid-19 are announced today and everything suggests that other pandemics will arise in the years to come. The objective is therefore to include Health in mobility in a sustainable and resilient way.

To do so, we propose in this position paper to have a vision on 3 key areas of inspiration from the world of Healthcare and to invite you, after each area, to ask you questions on the repercussions that they can/could generate if the Aeronautics industry was inspired by them:

  • The first axis corresponds to the identification, monitoring, prevention and control of health risks (mainly in terms of methods, tools and strategies)
  • The second area of research focuses on screening, diagnosis and patient follow-up using digital technology (or how technology has enabled the optimization of care pathways)
  • The third and last axis focuses on treatment and healing through personalized offers (based on an adapted segmentation approach and centered on individualized patient profiles)

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