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Alcimed Position Paper – HEALTHY AGEING

Published on 18 November 2020 Read 25 min

Population ageing is a worldwide phenomenon. This is intensified in APAC, crowned as the fastest ageing region in the world. Coupled with the boost in health awareness, the concept of health has also been intertwined with age. This gives rise to a renewed movement in Asia – healthy ageing. In this position paper, we welcome you to join us as we explore together the opportunities to capture in this emerging space.

Healthy ageing: The emerging trend coming from APAC

At first glance, healthy ageing appears to be only relevant to seniors. However, healthy ageing goes beyond the elderly. Throughout our lifespan, actions can be taken to support health in our later years. This translates to business opportunities, and it is important to understand the distinct profiles and needs of different age groups in order to define a suitable targeted proposition.

Undeniably, healthy ageing is tightly linked to health. But it is key to understand that healthy ageing encompasses more than just physical or functional health. As such, products offerings related to healthy ageing are varied and heterogeneous. From nutrition, to fitness and wellness, and even cosmetics, the relevance of healthy ageing extends to multiple industries.

Because of the dynamic nature of healthy ageing, innovations beyond the product are key to speed up market penetration. Digital technology enables personalized outreach to individuals with different needs, while integrative solutions such as novel channels and experiences spice up the consumer journey. With healthy ageing being a multi-facet process, unique multi-industrial partnerships are catalysts to accelerate development.

In this position paper, we discuss what is at stake in this oncoming trend – who are the consumers to target, what products to offer, and how to go beyond-the-products. We focus on innovations in APAC, to inspire future ideas for other regions of the world. Let’s embark on this adventure of healthy ageing together!

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