Position Paper Alcimed – 5 activities to strengthen the societal commitment of the healthcare industries

Published on 14 June 2022 Read 25 min

For several years now, manufacturers have been increasingly committed to sustainable development and the importance of such is reflected in the formalization and implementation of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policies. The current context of climate emergencies and crises and their impact (health, diplomatic and military, and economic) is making the companies’ CSR transformation not only a nice-to-have but a top priority. CSR is particularly important for the pharmaceutical industry.

CSR as a lever for business and innovation for the healthcare industry

Its core business of developing and providing health products entrusts a particular social responsibility to the pharma sector. Indeed, one of the 17 sustainable development goals defined by the UN is dedicated to health, since allowing everyone to live in good health and promoting well-being are essential conditions for sustainable development.

Alcimed deep-dives into the specificities of this industry in terms of societal commitment. We focus on 5 key activities of the healthcare industry along a product’s life cycle:

  1. Research and clinical development
  2. Industrial production of health products
  3. Availability of products
  4. Prescription and use of health products
  5. End-of-life of products

At Alcimed we are convinced that beyond a reaction to challenges, the construction of a proactive and sustainable CSR policy can have a widespread positive impact on society, the planet, and companies, and can be a lever for business and innovation.

In this position paper, you will explore:

  • The challenges faced by the healthcare industry
  • The initiatives and actions implemented to respond to them, whether they are dedicated CSR initiatives or are beyond labeled CSR activities that have a positive and lasting impact on the environment and society
  • The synergies between sustainable development, business, and innovation.

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