3 trends that are shaping the future of beauty

Published on 22 April 2024 Read 25 min

The 7th edition of the Viva Technology trade fair was held at Porte de Versailles in Paris and organized by Les Echos and Publicis. VivaTech has become the world’s leading event dedicated to innovation and start-ups, ahead of CES in Las Vegas, with more than 150,000 visitors and some of the world’s leading speakers such as Elon Musk.

In the 2023 edition of the fair, beauty tech world had a strong presence through world-class groups such as L’Oréal and LVMH, as well as young start-ups. LVMH presented its innovations in its Dream box and booth with 18 startups hostedwhile L’Oréal took the opportunity to unveil its latest technological creations.

Through all the presented concepts by startups and groups, 3 main areas of focus supported by AI, data exploitation or virtual and augmented reality stand out: personalized beauty, virtual beauty, and sustainable beauty. In this article, Alcimed takes a look at the trends and examples of new offers that companies are developing in these domains.

Trend n°1: personalized beauty

Personalized beauty is a trend making a strong come back with firstly the emergence of diagnostic tools to have adapted recommendations and then, the development of instant and unique cosmetics.

Coaching and diagnostic tools

Numerous diagnostic and coaching tools have been presented during this event. They consist of an AI which analyses the skin or the hair with a questionnaire to provide personalized recommendations. These recommendations allow to develop a complete tailormade routine. L’Oréal has led this service by presenting 3 innovations, however, other groups and 4 startups are developing similar offers.

We can cite Spotscan from La Roche Posay, developed with dermatology expert. This diagnostic tool for acne sufferers’ analyses and assesses blemishes to recommend a personalized La Roche- Posay routine. You can already try Spotscan on the La Roche-Posay website, book a meeting with a specialist on Beauté Inée website or buy the box Selfcare1 for nearly 400€ to have an instant personal care product.

We can also mention Meta Profiler from Giorgio Armani which deliver a tailor-made Crema Nera skincare routine combined with personalized sculpting self-massage techniques. For the startups side, there is Beauté Inée, first virtual institute using artificial intelligence specialized in skin care for men and women looking for complete and personalized care.

Thus, personalization with new diagnostic tools is now back, in response to the need to have a routine that suits us.

Personalized cosmetics

Personalized beauty includes adaptable cosmetics, not only to skin type but also to the constant evolution of our skin and feelings. Several startups shared such instant single use grooming products adapted to the instant need. . For instance, Selfcare One presented a combination of personalized end-products and tailor-made routine. They developed an innovative technology that instantly distributes your daily skincare products and is connected to a coaching application offering 50 programs to create a personalized beauty and well-being routine.

Trend n°2: virtual and augmented reality in beauty

Virtual or augmented reality took center stage with the revolutionary metaverse experience, particularly on the exhibition stands hosted by LVMH. A trend towards a more immersive experience is searched by brands even outside of the beauty tech to improve the consumer experience and involvement. The way to develop virtual beauty experience is mainly by partnering with Tech companies, as revealed by several brands.

It begins with LVMH announcing its strategic partnership with Epic Games, creator of Fortnite and Unreal Engine, to transform the group’s creative pipeline and bring customers new types of immersive discovery experiences like virtual fitting rooms, creation of digital twins and more. The groups use the technology for their design workshops via 3D projection, to offer personalization to consumers directly in shop as well as to reproduce fashion show.

Then, we can mention the future collaboration between Demain, a cosmetic brand, and Victoria VR, a revolutionary Virtual Reality Metaverse based on Blockchain, to enable their users to try out their products and play mini games. To finish with a revolutionary partnership, Maybelline has joined forces with Microsoft Teams to create the first-ever digital makeup bag for video conferencing. As of this summer, in addition to being able to change their backgrounds, users will have the facility to wear virtual makeup looks as well.

Trend n°3: sustainable beauty

The trend towards natural cosmetics is still under the spotlight. Start-ups offering natural finished products or innovative biosourced raw materials, as Bioweg, were present. However, we will highlight eco-conception, breakthrough technological innovation and circular economy.

  • For LVMH, the Dream box which immerge the visitors in a unique experience was eco designed.
  • For L’Oréal, the water saver presented is their latest patented technological innovation, which has already saved 42 million liters of water. This is a shower head using water fragmentation technology and saving up to 69% of the water used in the tub. The water saver is being deployed in beauty salons and has already saved more than 66 million liters of water.
  • Concerning the circular economy, there is the start-up Greez, offering the revalorization of our cosmetics through its platform. The platform facilitates the connection between associations, individuals and companies and allows the companies and brands to make a donation or to resale their unsold cosmetics with an appearance defect, an obsolete packaging, … The company now offers every Tuesday a selection of cosmetic products and accessories destined to waste.

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Sustainability is in the heart of most of the innovations with the goal to diminish company’s and product’s environmental footprint.

The latest trends in cosmetics show that the era of beauty tech has come. AI, VR, smart devices,… the cosmetics of the future are far below simple formulas! Interestingly but not surprisingly, this comes with a new development strategy for the leading cosmetics brands, with more partnerships with start-ups, more collaborations with tech companies, in a word, more open innovation.

Alcimed will continue to monitor the latest key innovations and supporting you in the development of your related business ideas. Do not hesitate to contact our team!

About the author, 

Tessa, Consultant in Alcimed’s Cosmetics & Luxury team in France

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