Handicap & Digital health – January 2020 Trend Book

Published on 10 February 2020 Read 25 min

Bionic arm, exoskeleton, eye tracking control… Fiction or reality? In this trend book, Alcimed looks back at the latest digital health innovations and how they can meet the challenges of disability.

For several years now, digital technologies have been revolutionising the healthcare system. Indeed, digital health, with its batch of mobile applications, connected objects and telemedicine solutions, contributes to the evolution of a system built around curative medicine towards preventive medicine. This leads to a new distribution of roles and responsibilities between patients, doctors, healthcare system players and public authorities.

At Alcimed, we are convinced that digital technologies will contribute and are already contributing to meeting certain disability issues. From applications that enhance the accessibility and mobility of people with disabilities to innovations that open the field to new therapeutic options, new technologies are booming on the subject of disability.

However, it is important to keep a critical eye and remain vigilant about their use. Indeed, data protection, simplicity and security of the tools developed are essential aspects to bear in mind.

In this trend book, we share some solutions that inspire us and we let two actors who have taken up new technologies to improve the daily lives of people with disabilities speak in an open forum.


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