How can artificial intelligence serve marketing strategies in the healthcare industry?

Published on 14 September 2021 Read 25 min

Artificial intelligence is a revolution, having repercussions in businesses and personal lives. From being an integral part of high-tech companies to entering peoples’ daily lives, AI is reshaping the world rapidly. In the healthcare industry, the use of AI is growing rapidly. According to a report by Global Market Insights, the size of the AI market in healthcare is supposed to reach USD 21 billion by 2026. This growth will be driven by the demand of pharma companies and hospitals. The fields of application of AI in the healthcare sector are numerous and target both pharma & Medtech companies and healthcare professionals. These range from drug discovery to diagnostic aid and include selection of patients for clinical trials and many more. Beyond these, AI can also serve the healthcare industry in its marketing approaches. Alcimed presents to you below 3 examples of artificial intelligence use cases to optimize marketing strategies of the healthcare industry.

1. Segmentation of marketing targets

Digital marketing, using AI-based tools makes it easy to identify targets’ behaviors and reactions – whether they are HCPs or patients – according to the type of marketing actions carried out. Does the target respond to marketing campaigns (by clicking on a link, by booking an appointment or answering positively to an appointment request, by subscribing or unsubscribing to a newsletter, by registering to a symposium/medical congress)? Does the target physician cancel appointments with sales representatives? If so, how often and when? The analysis of the answers to these questions and the early identification of the behavior of each marketing target can allow to cluster its targets according to their main features.

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2. Design of tailor-made approaches in healthcare with artificial intelligence

Once the targets have been clustered and segmented into different groups using artificial intelligence algorithms, tailor-made promotional events and marketing actions can be designed in order to increase adhesion. For examples, AI-based tools could select a specific display of webpages, of mobile apps to create a personalized experience. The construction of such personalized – or even unique – marketing actions can prevent disengagement and create a positive connection with a product/brand. This also has the advantage of avoiding negative feelings from HCPs towards healthcare companies. Indeed, some doctors tend to consider pharma companies as being too pushy and too present and not answering their needs at the right moment. AI can support marketing teams to identify events and actions to be repeated according to the success it had in the past with the same people or with the same kind of profiles.

3. Creation of automatic content with artificial intelligence

AI can also help the marketing teams in generating clear and concise content, for example content that is sent via email or that is presented in face-to-face meetings with HCPs. Algorithms can analyze complex medical issues and present them in simple terms, understandable by everyone. Priority targets for this can be physicians who are not specialized in a specific disease or therapeutic area and who do not have time to read in detail all the studies and articles about the recent developments of a disease or a specific product. AI can make their job easier. In the same way, AI could create another type of content specifically dedicated to patients. If physicians are the only prescribers for some products, patients can nevertheless participate in the choice of a therapy. Being informed beforehand of the advantages of a product for a patient can play a role in the prescription level of a therapy.

Source: Alcimed

Effective use of artificial intelligence is a key advancement in commercial success and unlocking the capabilities of available data can bring significant benefits for marketing teams in healthcare industry. However, this requires that the pharma companies are organized in order to collect and organize the data in such a way that the algorithms have an appropriate basis of work. At Alcimed, we can support you in your AI-driven marketing strategies and all your digital-related marketing issues!

About the author,

Diane, Senior Consultant in the Alcimed’s Healthcare team in Germany

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