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Published on 24 July 2020 Read 25 min

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the world for several months now. While there is still uncertainty as to whether France will recover from the crisis – be it sanitary or economic – we already know that this event will severely impact our societies, our institutions, our public policies and our economic and industrial structure.

Even more important, the crisis has pinpointed one of our fundamental needs: the need for safety, be it sanitary or economic.

With MEDICEN and in collaboration with numerous players from the health sector, Alcimed has identified 7 key and structuring learnings for the health sector after the COVID-19 crisis.

This work points out well-known reflection, however the crisis gave them a new dimension. Among other things, we can mention the extreme fragmentation and segmentation of the health sector which would benefit from developing the synergies of the multiple health projects and players, and the lack of national and European sovereignty in terms of the production of health products.

But the crisis has also brought to light numerous strengths on which the health sector has to capitalize on:

  • – The cooperation between institutional and private players, whether they are small or big, national or international ones.
  • – The ability to raise funds, and to gather human and material resources quickly and efficiently for health projects.
  • – The use of data in clinical research and digital applications for health.

This report gathers the key challenges of the current situation and aims to push the limits of reflection and action in order to make the health sector a sector of excellence in France and abroad.

As Mr Christian Lajoux, President of MEDICEN Paris Région, explains, “After this first phase of enlightening the major challenges for the sector, a second phase will consist of confirming the strategic axes that will notably influence the operating methods of the competitiveness cluster, with regard of what has been done in several countries, especially in their ways to deal with the crisis. »

With this report, we invite you to think about the health sector of tomorrow, in the light of the lessons learnt from the COVID-19 crisis!

We will also be delighted to continue our reflections, with you and your teams, on the many subjects that will shape tomorrow’s health, and to identify the today’s key areas for work.

To download our white paper (in French) “IMPACTS OF THE COVID-19 CRISIS ON THE HEALTHY INDUSTRY”, click on the image below:


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