Webinnov’ by Alcimed – Quality of Life in cancer care: do we care enough?

Published on 05 November 2020 Read 25 min

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  • Date: Tuesday, Novembre 24
  • Time: 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM (CEST)
  • Place: online event on Zoom

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Improving patients’ Quality of Life in the future of cancer care will only be possible by raising awareness among all stakeholders.

In cancer care, quality of life is a very important dimension for patients. They have to live with cancer and must learn to manage its disease effects, treatment side effects, the psychological stress induced and other elements that strongly impact on their quality of life.

Today, a comprehensive assessment and integration of quality of life into the cancer patient care pathway is still insufficient due to lack of time, money and awareness from several stakeholders. In addition, there is also the difficulty to define, measure and monitor quality of life.

This webinar will be a chance to gather different stakeholders from the pharmaceutical industry, an international patients’ association and a post-mastectomy service provider for women. We’ll put the spotlight on patients and discuss the way needs are tackled today and how they will be in the future.

Our speakers:

  • Katja CRAMER, Head of Patient Affairs, Janssen Germany

Katja is Head of Patient Affairs for Janssen Germany, the Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson.  With her true conviction, she is leading patient driven innovation to ensure that patients are involved in all of the company’s projects to improve patients care from the start. In her long career, she has supervised various Janssen therapy areas, including responsibilities in clinical research and product management.

  • Cathy TRAZ, Head of Global Advocacy, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Cathy heads Global Advocacy at Bristol-Myers Squibb, developing and advocating company positions on priority issues to maximize patient access and to promote a strong climate of biopharmaceutical innovation and the value of innovative medicines, working with advocacy organizations and other key stakeholders. Cathy utilizes optimism and strong personal beliefs to overcome social and business challenges, and mobilizing people around a higher purpose, while committed to corporate social responsibility.

  • Dr Charis GIRVALAKI, EU Affairs Manager, European Cancer Patient Coalition

Dr Charis Girvalaki is the EU Affairs Manager of the European Cancer Patient Coalition. She is responsible for the liaison of the organization with other relevant stakeholders from cancer care and also works on the field of project development. She has a ten-year experience in European and International projects and has worked with a wide range of key stakeholders, including European and governmental institutions, academia, health services, local authorities. Charis holds a Master’s degree in Public Health and Healthcare Management specialized in Epidemiology and a PhD from Medical School, University of Crete, Greece.

  • Alexia CASSAR, Nipple Tattoo Artist, The Tétons Tattoo Shop

After 18 years spent in developing innovative anti-cancer solutions in oncology Phase I research units or in big pharmaceutical companies, Alexia went through a personal experience with cancer when it struck her youngest daughter in 2013. After her 10-month daughter was considered in remission of an AML, the former cancer scientist answered the inner call for a complete career change:  she started a two-year immersive apprenticeship in tattooing techniques in parallel with surgery techniques understanding and bibliographic research on tattooing and cancer.

She flew to the United States to be trained to 3D nipple tattoo technique, and imported it in Europe, being the very first tattoo artist specializing in this artistic alternative to surgical reconstruction of the nipple and areola complex. Since 2017, she has developed her own technique and advocates for its recognition, reimbursement and careful practice over fragile cancer patients. More than 700 women and 8 men have been tattooed in her studio, The Tétons Tattoo Shop. She is an internationally recognized expert on this question and publishes as much work as she can to advocate on survivors rights to reclaim their bodies after breast cancer.

Webinar moderated by:

  • Dr Volker BISCHOFF, Great Explorer Oncology, Alcimed

Before joining Alcimed, Volker had been active in international research programs for 10 years. He has now been working as a Life Sciences Project Manager at Alcimed for more than 8 years. Volker’s work on more than 60 oncology-related projects for the pharma industry has led to numerous publications and invitations to conferences to contribute as a speaker. In addition, Volker is responsible for the corporate communication efforts around oncology, including position papers and lunch & learn activities.

A webinar to bring pragmatical insights and analysis on Quality of Life, and solutions to improve it

The focus of the discussion will be around:

  • How Quality of Life is defined
  • The importance of Quality of Life in cancer care
  • Existing solutions to improve patients’ Quality of Life
  • The challenges for the future to care even more!

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from our inspiring speakers and ask your questions via live chat and a Q&A session!

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