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White Paper Alcimed – Partnering playbook: how to efficiently search for the best partners in 3 key steps

Published on 03 February 2022 Read 25 min

Is business tougher than before in the globalized era we live in? In our opinion, the answer in No, at least for companies aware that they are now part of an ecosystem and take advantage of it. Along your value chain are many areas where a potential partner’s inputs may be game changing! In this white paper, Alcimed shares with you an end-to-end partnering approach drawn from its 25 years of experience.

Partner research: leverage your ecosystem to stay ahead of the competition

From what we observe at Alcimed, most companies have understood this ecosystemic approach and realize that innovation, time to market and agility are more important than ever before to stay ahead of the competition.

Nevertheless, whether you are a large established company rooted in a certain core business, or an emerging startup struggling to find customers and scale up production, you can either be at the right place or at the right time. Rarely both.

A cornerstone of the present day observed in almost all industries is the outsourcing of capabilities to external partners, from R&D, material sourcing, or manufacturing to distribution. This strategy allows companies to optimize CapEx and provides flexibility to adapt to a rapidly evolving market where consumer habits and trends change at a fast pace.

An end-to-end partnering approach in 3 key steps

For an effective end-to-end partnering approach, several steps are necessary, requiring both internal alignment and external investigation. And as we will see, the process should start even before the decision to outsource has been made.

End-to-end partnering approach consulting

In this white paper, you will explore:

  • A simple and structured approach to optimize time and effort for any partner’s search
  • The key criteria to take into account to identify and assess the relevance of prospects
  • How to avoid the key pitfalls lurking along the way.

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