Our history


The beginning of the adventure

The adventure started in 1993 when Valerie and Geraldine founded Alcimed. Both were graduates of Ecole Centrale Supelec and both had a passion for Biotechnology. At the time, Biotechnology was uncharted territory. Little to no data had been gathered and applications were still immature. The question was how to market and develop strategies for scientifically- and technologically- complex products and services aiming for poorly structured markets? Thus, Alcimed developed its unique expertise in exploring emerging territories and developing new business, which remains Alcimed’s mission to this day !

Exploring new territories

From biotechnology, we rapidly expanded to the healthcare industry where we now work for the world’s top 20 pharmaceutical companies. Little by little, we have expanded our explorations to life sciences (agrifood, cosmetics), public policy, and other industrial sectors, including chemicals and materials, energy, environment, aeronautics, space and defense, mobility, and others.

In 2005 we set out for new worlds overseas and opened 6 base camps in Europe and the United states. Our appetite for adventure brought us to emerging markets where our investigations are well recognized. In 2016 we set up camp in Singapore.

And tomorrow…

From just two people, we are now 220 explorers, passionate about building the world of tomorrow. And the adventure isn’t finished! We already plan to set up camp in California while exploring new sectors. Our goal is to build a team of 1000 explorers.


Embark on our adventure and join a team of 220 explorers from over 20 different nationalities with degrees from the best international universities, passionate about scientific breakthroughs, technological innovations, international development, and challenges in healthcare and climate.

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