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Paediatric drugs, a continuing need

13 December 2018, In December 2006, the European Parliament adopted the Regulation on medicinal products for paediatric use aiming to stimulate pharmaceutical companies to develop medicinal forms intended for children. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has been noting a significant increase in the number of new paediatric drugs; nevertheless, there is still a genuine need in this area. In fact, today, more than 50% of paediatric prescriptions are for off-label uses. Alcimed, an innovation and new business consulting firm, examined the factors that still limit the development of paediatric drugs, 10 years after the law was introduced.

Emergence of serious games for neurodegenerative diseases Which business models in France?

Although research is constantly moving forward, many neurodegenerative diseases remain poorly understood and grey areas still persist. Consequently, with the low number of effective drug treatments, new disease management methods are being developed. One of these methods is the serious games, alias “serious video games”, which are games developed to have a therapeutic effect. Just imagine if, after a doctor’s appointment, you found video game sessions on your prescription. Alcimed, a consulting company specializing in innovation and new businesses, set out to further explore this trend, which could radically impact current patient care.

How to assess whether a raw material is really becoming critical?

It’s a fact: the French and global industrial sector is heavily depending on many raw materials to ensure its digital transformation and energy transition. How do we anticipate the future supply chain for rare metals, monopolistic raw materials, and metals with very low reserves? ALCIMED, an innovation and new business consulting firm, has reviewed the criteria impacting the criticality assessment of a raw material.

Smartphone recycling: A sector of excellence in the making

French consumers change their mobile phones every other year. These devices have significant impacts on the environment. Rather than keeping our old smartphones in our drawers, solutions exist to give old smartphones a second life to avoid keeping them in a drawer. Alcimed reviews how the smartphone valorization chain is gradually being implemented.

Hydrogen, vector of energy transition

Hydrogen, applied for the first time in the field of aerospace, particularly in the Apollo Program, is now invading our daily lives. The many initiatives around this promising energy vector and the creation of the International Hydrogen Council in 2017 (around the French groups Air Liquide, Alstom, Engie and Total) are clear signs that the hydrogen revolution is in motion. Its high energy efficiency and storage capacities position hydrogen as a substitute for fossil fuels and as an integrator of renewable energies.

Gene-editing: What’s next after CRISPR Cas9?

Alcimed, an innovation and new business consulting firm, is committed to supporting the pharmaceutical industry in observing emerging technologies such as gene editing technologies CRISPR Cas9 and the following generations.

A psychologist on your wrist: the future of mental health

Alcimed, an innovation and new business consulting firm, works with the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, to leverage new technologies, partners, and trends for innovative products in mental health diagnosis. has been launched: spread the word!

Alcimed Singapore is part of the "Smart Health initiative", an initiative which aims to promote French expertise in the healthcare sector through a visible and integrated community of French healthcare actors in Singapore. The objective is to bring French actors to participate in projects of focus for Singapore: innovation in health via digital tools, the silver economy and at -home care, fight diabetes in the region, ... The platform which sum-up all this French expertise is now active and has been officially launched in June 2017 . Visit the website:

Alzheimer’s: Reaching the cure within this generation

Alcimed, an innovation and new business consulting firm, remains committed to supporting the pharmaceutical industry in untangling the complex web of difficulties behind curing Alzheimer’s, a disease with one of the highest drug clinical trial failure rates.

Alcimed is imagining the hospital of the future

With the emergence of new technologies, the ageing population and the increasing of chronic diseases, the hospital, as known today, will go through massive changes in the next twenty years. Alcimed imagines the three wings that might constitute the hospital of the future in 2035.

Treatment adherence: The most important unmet need in healthcare

Alcimed, an innovation and new business consulting firm, looks at the causes and consequences of non-adherence to medications and stresses the necessity to develop efficient solutions to what is arguably the most important unmet need across the entire healthcare ecosystem.

Reduction of added sugars in solid foods: New issue and technological challenge for food companies

With the aim of improving public health, many national and international bodies are asking companies to limit the sugar intake of adults and children, encouraging them to reduce the quantity of added sugar, not only in drinks but also in solid foods. Alcimed, consultants in innovation and development of new markets, analyses the ability of the food-processing industry to face up to this issue.

Open innovation or how to reinvent new forms of collaboration between start-ups and large groups

Open innovation, or the ability to innovate beyond one's usual boundaries, has gained in importance during the last 10 years with the deployment of digital tools. In particular, we see it represented today by various forms of partnerships between large groups and players in their ecosystems, especially with start-ups. For these 'win – win' partnerships to become sustainable, traditional working processes must be optimised.

Nutrition and public health: The strengthened role of the food processing industries in public health problems

The prevalence of conditions partly related to diet, such as obesity (the worldwide prevalence of which has doubled since 19801), but also diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, certain cancers, etc., is growing constantly. Facing this trend, the food Industry is increasingly involved in the search for solutions. Alcimed, consultants in innovation and development of new markets, is looking into the positioning of food industries against the public health issues link to nutrition.

Is 3D printing going to revolutionise the healthcare sector and its business model?

The technique of 3D printing has become an essential production process in the healthcare sector, where it enables unequalled customisation of the therapeutic arsenal. Alcimed, consultants in innovation and development of new markets, is considering the various applications of 3D printing in healthcare and the prospects that it offers for a profoundly-changing sector that could require the economic models in use today to be rethought.

Pioneers or followers, the industry players will all turn to the IIoT

The connected objects are more and more part of our daily lives: computers, mobile phones, but also watches, clothing and countless sensors for the home or the car. These technologies are changing the functioning of our society and our way of life. Originally associated to the consumer sphere, the Internet of Things (IoT) is more and more interesting for industrials.

Flying cars: Is it allowed to dream?

Zee. Aero, Kitty Hawk, Ehang, Terrafugia, and now Airbus: many players are rushing to the “flying cars” market. The concept is receiving an increasing support from the institutional, industrial and financial worlds. It is gaining in maturity, and some start-ups promise to take it to the market next year. However, it remains certain that this market will not take off before a long time.

Translational research: innovation accelerator in the pharmaceutical industry

In a relatively unproductive environment of the pharmaceutical industry, translational research offers prospects for privileged innovation and challenges the way research is currently organised. Alcimed, consultants in innovation and development of new markets, raises the issues of translational research and its impact on the development of new treatments for patients.

Crowdsourcing: issues and benefits for pharmaceutical R&D

To optimise the R&D expenditure and support growth, pharmaceutical companies must alter their strategies. They are resorting increasingly to external innovation and particularly crowdsourcing to enable them to maintain or supplement their product pipelines.

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