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For over 30 years, our specialized team has been providing daily support to leaders in the luxury goods sector in their innovation and new market development projects.

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    How we support players in the luxury sector

    Founded in 1993, Alcimed is a consulting firm specialized in innovation and new markets development in life sciences. Spread over our 8 offices in the world (in France, Europe, Singapore and the USA), our team of 220 high-level explorers supports everyday decision-makers and business departments (marketing, research, innovation, strategy, CSR, etc.) in their innovation and new market development projects.

    Our projects cover diverse subjects such as state of the art, market studies, identifying new technologies, defining supply chain strategies, launching innovations, defining new consumer experiences, re-making innovation processes, identifying partners, and many more!

    And our activities are not limited to the types of assignments listed above. The diversity of our clients (manufacturers, ETIs, innovative start-ups, institutions, etc.), the subjects we deal with, and the geographical areas we explore, enable us to master a wide range of assignments and develop recognized expertise in our specialist sectors.

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    Examples of projects carried out for our clients in luxury industry

    • Refine the development strategy of a player in the cosmetics and luxury goods industry, through a strategic audit of all its activities

      One of our clients, a company specializing in cosmetics, active in many countries around the world, and having experienced a fairly rapid development through successive acquisitions, called upon our team in order to conduct a strategic audit of its activities.

      Its product portfolio was extremely diversified, and the top management lacked visibility on its real points of strength on which to base its future development. Alcimed conducted a strategic audit covering the entire portfolio and markets, resulting in a simplification into 9 Strategic Business Areas (SBAs).

      After an in-depth investigation, our diagnosis was shared, the SBAs likely to support the development were selected, and our work has enabled us to engage our client’s teams on concrete action plans in line with a new strategy that is clear for all.

    • State of the art of a process for the production of solid cosmetics

      A major player in the beauty industry wanted to understand the possibilities offered by a given technology for the production of solid beauty item which already benefits from a lot of research and innovation.

      Our exploration of the field of possibilities in terms of the type of output products, texture or complexity of formulation, made it possible to highlight serious leads for innovation in the field of solid beauty solutions.

      These avenues provide both differentiation for our client and the ability to deliver new client experiences for end consumers.

    • Support a major cosmetics player in its understanding of bioprocess technology

      Our client in the cosmetics industry wanted to carry out a detailed mapping of all the skills required to develop its own bioprocesses, as well as to identify the players capable of supporting them in upgrading their skills in this area on a global scale.

      Literature analysis, interviews with experts and analysis of the support services provided by the key players identified have enabled us to draw up this map, which covers a wide range of skills. These include bioinformatics, molecular biology (cell engineering, genomics, synthetic biology, etc.), and the upstream and downstream aspects of bioprocessing (cell culture, cell isolation, separation, purification, concentration, cell disruption, etc.).

      Our client was able to make contact with the relevant players identified in order to gain a better understanding of the subject and establish a roadmap for the development of its own bioprocesses.

    • Support a luxury goods company find partners to develop eco-responsible packaging

      We helped the packaging development manager of a major cosmetics company to identify suppliers of food and cosmetic grade wooden packaging.

      Through extensive patent review, analysis of congresses and symposia, and consideration of the latest academic research on the subject, we identified several technology partnership options, including one that was unknown to our client and fully met its technical requirements.

    • Determination of an indicator to measure customer engagement via a Data Driven approach

      We developed a global customer engagement indicator for one of our clients. The objective of this indicator was to use all available customer data, particularly in terms of responses to communications, to manage activities: to understand what actions triggered customer engagement to make the best future decisions.

      Our methodology consisted of two parts. The first part was to create a common definition of what “customer engagement” was for our client and to define the data available for the creation of this indicator.

      This resulted in an external investigation (bibliographic research and interviews with key players) as well as an internal investigation via exchanges with the various stakeholders in the company. The second part consisted in retrieving this data to bring out, in real-time, the engagement indicator at different levels of granularity for our client.

    • Strategic thinking around the evolution of a luxury player's competition

      Our team supported a company in the luxury goods sector that was facing a highly competitive market environment, and wanted to work with its teams to project the evolution of its competitors, in order to develop action plans for differentiation and gaining or retaining market share.

      To do this, our team analyzed the portfolios of major competitors and players with strong positions in niche sub-segments of the market. We then analyzed potential new entrants, based on market trends.

      Finally, our team co-defined prospective scenarios with our client, identified the greatest threats and defined the actions to be taken in the short and medium term.

    • Assessing the opportunity to switch from a bottled product to a bulk product and its impact on the business model for a cosmetics company

      We supported a cosmetics player who wanted to reduce its environmental impact by transforming one of its products currently sold in pharmacies in a bottle to a bulk product in a container. As a first step, we verified that a bulk formula could make sense for their markets and customers.

      We then sought to understand how it would affect pharmacists. For example, who would be responsible for asepsis? How would the storage be managed? What would be the impact on the point of sale? Lastly, we defined a new business model more adapted to this new offer and mapped out the new stakeholders to consider.

      What was the result for our client? A clear vision of the changes brought about in the market by its new offer, as well as a roadmap to best accommodate the changes.

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