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The Alcimed team supports its clients in navigating the landscape of RNA technologies, the potential for their therapeutic usage, the issue concerning RNA therapies, especially the recent advancement of mRNA therapies with the approval of the 1st mRNA vaccines.

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    The challenges related to messenger RNA or mRNA

    With the launch of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, the mRNA therapeutic market has changed forever with an expectation that it will quickly accelerate bringing products to market. While mRNA vaccines have proven extremely effective, the general reception to their introduction has not been uniformly positive, raising interesting questions about the path for the mRNA therapeutics market to find long term sustainable growth.

    The main challenges for the mRNA therapeutic market are:

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      You have a project and want to discuss it with our explorers, write us!

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      How we support you in your projects related to messenger RNA or mRNA

      Alcimed supports its clients in understanding the mRNA technology market in order to better apprehend the challenges of the field, and in the development of new mRNA vaccines and therapeutics.

      We thus support decision-makers in the healthcare industry (executive committees, new product strategy, marketing, technology innovation, R&D, …) on exploring this market and in their mRNA projects. We are well prepared to help our clients in pharma and biotech, both well-established and emerging, exploring this promising field, such as Moderna, Genzyme (Sanofi), Sanofi Pasteur, just to name a few.

      The wide variety of our clients (pharma players, biotechs, research centers, startups,…), from around the world, and of the types of projects we carry out, gives us a global and in-depth understanding of the changing dynamics in this rapidly growing field. When combined with our extensive expertise in vaccines, oncology, and rare diseases, Alcimed can provide a comprehensive strategic outlook on just how disruptive mRNA technology will be.

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      Examples of recent projects carried out for our clients in mRNA

      • Characterizing and sizing mRNA therapy market potential

        Alcimed worked with a major biotech player to understand the potential market opportunity of a new mRNA therapeutic in the cardiology space.

        Alcimed analyzed the full picture of the targeted cardiac disease, detailing the epidemiology, economic burden, current standard of care, unmet therapeutic needs, and an understanding from key opinion leaders why so many potential therapeutics have already failed to show efficacy in the space. Based on this analysis, Alcimed was able to model what the potential peak sales would be for the new mRNA therapeutic based on how they would likely fare against the current and potential future competitor therapies in the space.

        Our client was able to leverage Alcimed’s analysis to make crucial go/no go decisions on the R&D pipeline project, eventually leading to green lighting the program and landing a crucial development partnership with a major pharma player.

      • Analyzing Go To Market readiness for mRNA manufacturing ramp up

        In anticipation of launching their first product, Alcimed helped a up and coming biotech company assess their manufacturing capabilities and logistics to identify potential bottlenecks in ramping up to full scale production.

        Alcimed specifically surveyed the manufacturing plan for raw material sourcing to ensure sufficient supply of key ingredients from reliable partners.

        The client was able to make key partnership and purchasing decisions to ensure that their manufacturing scale up had the correct contracts in place for both primary suppliers and secondary suppliers in order to smoothly transition in house from solely pre-clinical development to full scale manufacturer.

      • mRNA vaccine landscape analysis and dynamics post COVID-19

        With the introduction of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, Alcimed helped a major pharma player understand the potential post-pandemic landscape for mRNA vaccines.

        By evaluating the different types of mRNA vaccine technologies being explored, the current reception and understanding of mRNA vaccines by the larger healthcare community, and the mRNA vaccine trends seen by key opinion leaders, Alcimed constructed a near future landscape of likely mRNA vaccines to hit the market after COVID-19.

        Our client was able to use this landscape to evaluate shifts in risk to their new product pipeline, based on likely age groups, disease targets, and identified mRNA platform differentiators.

      • Analysis of RNA technology in therapeutic usage

        mRNA technologies are not the only RNA technologies available for therapeutic usage. Alcimed helped a major pharma client to explore the clinical history of non-mRNA technologies, such as aptamers, anti-sense, small interfering RNAs, and microRNAs to map which disease indications are best suited to targeting by the different RNA technologies.

        A full analysis of clinical trial success, disease indications of marketed products by RNA technology type, and current RNA technology players, enabled our team to help our client to devise the best strategy for developing a robust RNA technology platform for developing a wide range of RNA therapeutics, including the technical elements required and the key partners to engage.

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