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For more than 25 years, our team specializing in Agrifood has been supporting all players in the value chain to address their innovation challenges, in order to meet technological, economic, societal and environmental challenges. Precision agriculture is one of the major innovations capable of revolutionizing upstream agriculture.

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    The challenges related to precision agriculture

    Precision agriculture enables agricultural practices to be rationalized by delivering the right product at the right dose, in the right place, at the right time. Yet its large-scale deployment still faces a number of challenges, linked to the adoption of technologies by farmers and to national agricultural policies.

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      How we support you in your projects related to precision agriculture

      Alcimed has supported for over 25 years the agribusiness and agri-food players in their innovation and new business development projects. On topics related to precision agriculture, we have supported our clients, located throughout the value chain, on various projects and in many regions:

      • Upstream agricultural actors, producers of plant protection products or fertilizers, seeking for example to understand the impact of precision agriculture on their practices, and how to change their offers in view of these new demands.
      • Agricultural cooperatives, wanting for example to understand which technologies and approaches are promising, and how to support their members in the deployment of these new practices.
      • B2C manufacturers, seeking for example to clarify their understanding of developments in precision agriculture, or wishing to reflect on sector approaches to accelerate change.
      • And technology providers, wishing to understand the expectations of future users, assess the applicability of their concepts to the reality on the ground, or prepare the launch of their products and services.

      Examples of recent projects carried out for our clients in precision agriculture

      • Repositioning of a precision agriculture offer for a service provider

        One of our clients, a service provider to upstream agricultural players, wanted to implement the digital component of its precision agriculture offer.

        For this, we have mapped the needs of users of these services, in order to identify which would be the most relevant avenues for digitization. Based on the feedback obtained, we co-constructed its roadmap with our client, integrating the key elements on the feasibility and viability of the service as well as on its commercial strategy. Our recommendations also focused on the key technological features expected by users.

      • Identification of precision agriculture service providers in order to choose the best partner

        We helped one of our clients in the agricultural sector find the best partner to help it develop its precision agriculture practices.

        We initially produced an overview of the players and their offers, before carrying out a first filter on the players who could meet the specific needs of our client. Then, our team carried out a more detailed characterization, which enabled us to co-construct our recommendation on the 3 best partners able to provide a precision agriculture service offer.

      • Creation of a strategic roadmap and a public/private investment project in the field of new technologies related to agriculture

        Alcimed supported a consortium bringing together public actors and companies in the agricultural sector in a strategic reflection on territorial renewal around precision agriculture.

        Following some investigative work as well as market research, areas of development relating to agricultural data and interoperability were chosen, making it possible to formalize a strategic roadmap for the project. Our team also worked to build the conditions necessary for the deployment of an experimental public-private investment project intended to provide a POC on this theme.

      • Support for an aerospace player in the assessment of digital platforms in precision agriculture

        One of our clients, an aerospace manufacturer, wanted to develop its offer and refine its strategy towards technological suppliers in precision agriculture.

        For this, we screened the key players offering digital platforms on the precision agriculture market, and evaluated these platforms using 2 key criteria: the audience reached by the platform and the level of service provided.

        On this basis, we were able to offer our client a selection of key companies to target for the development of its commercial strategy.

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