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The Alcimed Healthcare team has been exploring for its clients the subject of Virtual Health Care and in particular telemedicine, which has become increasingly important in health care practices since the Covid-19 epidemic.

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    The challenges related to telemedicine and virtual care

    More and more telemedicine offers are available and cover a range of services intended for both patients and healthcare providers, from online appointment booking, calendar management, teleadvice, teleconsultation, e-prescription, and even the e-delivery of medicines.

    Telemedicine addresses two main objectives. The first, driven by teleconsultation and tele-expertise, aims to allow isolated or dependent people to have access to a traditional consultation or to benefit from the opinion of a specialist, remotely. The second, driven particularly by remote monitoring, aims to improve the care pathway and relieve hospital overcrowding by enabling early detection of clinical signs synonymous with hospitalization or re-hospitalization.

    Although telemedicine has been increasingly adopted by certain patient populations since the Covid-19 pandemic, its development into routine practice is still in its infancy and faces many organizational (cost and reimbursement, legal liability, privacy protection, data security), human (in particular the willingness of patients or medical staff to use these services) and technical (qualification of medical staff, interoperability of systems, data rate communication, etc.) challenges.

    In this context, there are many challenges for healthcare actors to get these new practices off the ground, including:

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      You have a project and want to discuss it with our explorers, write us!

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      How we support you in your projects related to telemedicine and virtual care

      Alcimed has been supporting its clients for many years in their projects related to telemedicine and virtual care. We work in particular with pharmaceutical leaders, medical device manufacturers, public institutions (ARS, SATT, etc.) as well as with virtual care pure players, start-ups and innovative SMEs.

      The diversity of our clients, the geographic fields we explore, and the types of projects we develop give us a global and in-depth understanding of the challenges related to telemedicine.

      Our projects cover topics as diverse as:

      • Exploring new technologies,
      • Studying regulatory frameworks,
      • Searching for partners,
      • Analyzing and optimizing patient pathways,
      • Analyzing the evolution of medical practices and the receptivity of healthcare providers,
      • Defining market access strategies,
      • Developing value proposition,
      • Evaluating business cases demonstrating the value generated for our clients and the actors with whom they interact.

      Examples of recent projects carried out for our clients in telemedicine

      • Evaluation of opportunities and search for partners in the field of teletherapy

        We supported one of our clients, a leading industrial player in healthcare, in the evaluation of a strategic opportunity in the speech disorders market.

        To do this, our team carried out a literature review and targeted interviews to identify the players, understand and evaluate the teletherapy market for speech and language disorders. We interviewed potential partners to understand their solutions, current business models and consider partnering with our client.

        Ultimately, our client was able to short-list partners, meet them and conclude an agreement with one of them.

      • Market study for a digital remote monitoring solution for outpatients following surgery

        Alcimed provided support to a start-up offering eHealth remote monitoring services for outpatients following surgery.

        Interacting with hospital sector stakeholders (general management, financial management, IT management, heads of department, etc.) enabled us to assess how this solution was received, its market potential and also the means of acquisition and the services most expected by potential buyers.

        Our recommendation enabled us to fine-tune the positioning of the solution and highlighted a series of key success factors, particularly in terms of partnerships and technical specificities.

      • Development of a business case for a telemedicine project for a pharmaceutical laboratory in women's health

        While telemedicine is a rapidly developing channel of access to care in e-health, it is also a potential means for the industry to implement complementary services for professionals and patients.

        Alcimed supported an international pharmaceutical company in building a business case in women’s health, highlighting how services based on teleconsultation platforms could create value.

        The project concluded with the implementation of three pilot programs with start-ups in the sector in France, Germany and Russia.

      • Evaluation of the market potential and design of a connected fertility remote monitoring bracelet

        Correctly identifying fertile periods is an important issue for women. We helped one of our clients, a leader in the field of contraception, to develop a new remote monitoring offer, based on a connected fertility bracelet.

        In order to assess the value of such a device and to establish recommendations as to its design, we analyzed the feedback from testers in 5 European countries and more broadly explored the question of uses and user experience.

        Our project resulted in the evaluation of market potential as well as a finer segmentation of potential consumers.

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