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Maximize the value of your patient pathways with the VBHC model

The Alcimed Healthcare team supports its clients in understanding the concept of value-based healthcare, how it is shaking the industry and the health care systems, its impacts and the associated opportunities. We explore many topics such as novel reimbursement models, questions around quality of life of patients, or how to improve care pathways of patients, with the aim to bring more value to the different stakeholders along the care pathway.

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    The challenges related to value-based healthcare

    As the models around value-based care and connected reimbursement models constantly evolve, it is particularly difficult for healthcare companies to navigate in those waters. Each of the 6 pillars of the VBHC model is a challenge the HC industry can tackle, at least in part, through dedicated cross-functional programs or activities. We chose below to highlight 3 transversal challenges:

    The issue with these and other challenges described before is that the current health care systems have not been designed to fully incorporate the challenges described herein. Also, the strategies in the pharma industry does not always reflect this new trend. To achieve a value-based healthcare system that is built on a novel foundation, massive changes and restructuring are required, with the ultimate goal to redefine health care.

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      You have a project and want to discuss it with our explorers, write us!

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      How we support you in your projects related to value-based healthcare

      For several years, Alcimed has carried out many projects around VBHC for pharmaceutical companies, medtech companies and biotech players.

      The projects we work on are diverse ranging from inclusion of digital tools into the care pathways up to the transformation of entire departments to better meet the needs of value-based care in the future, through the development of new value propositions and access strategies.

      The diversity of our clients, of the geographic fields and therapeutic areas we explore, and the types of projects we carry out, give us a global and in-depth understanding of the issues addressed in the field of value-based healthcare.

      Examples of recent projects carried out for our clients in value-based healthcare

      • Definition of a new value proposition centered on the concept of value-based healthcare associated with a new product

        The aim of this project was to redefine the value proposition of an asset in clinical studies by refocusing the entire proposal around the value to be provided for all stakeholders (patients, healthcare providers, Payers).

        We supported our client, a pharma player, in the definition of the expected key outcomes for this type of asset and this pathology by the various stakeholders and by broadening very widely the concept of expected value.

        With those insights, we designed the optimum value proposition for the product, defined implications for the clinical development plan of the asset (PIII) and identified of Market Access scenarios.

      • Definition of a roadmap to incorporate the concept of value-based healthcare across an organization

        Alcimed supported a pharma player in a transformation process in order to incorporate the idea of value in healthcare into their entire structure, their functions and strategy.

        To do so, we supported our client in applying the concept and principles of value-based healthcare into their organization. After declining the concepts of VBHC for their therapeutic areas, we defined together which concept parts shall be part of the new strategy, and what changes in their processes and ways of working shall be performed. Gap analysis and cross-functional prioritization workshops allowed then to define a clear roadmap. Once the roadmap was set, we co-developed the internal and external communication.

      • Support in the launch of a decision support tool for HCPs, allowing better quality of care as integrated into of a value-based reimbursement model

        One of our clients, a global pharma player, wanted to develop a quality assurance approach for their brand new decision support tool, aiming at helping physicians to provide better quality of care.

        Alcimed supported them in this project by firstly obtaining a detailed view of the value-based healthcare environment in the USA. This first market study covered involved players, existing structures or programs as well as the understanding of established or in-development value-based models and their applied quality metrics. We then further helped our client to understand how the decision tool can be launched in the market, and which further developmental efforts might be needed.

        Next steps are now to discuss with insurers, patient associations and more important players and experts in order to potentially integrate the tool into the value-based reimbursement model.

      • Optimizing mCRPC treatment processes and workflows in hospitals in order to improve on quality of care and life for patients

        Alcimed supported a global pharma player during a very patient-centered project in improving mCRPC treatment process and workflow in Nuclear Medicine Centers (NMC) in Europe.

        We have helped our client to bring value to patients by analyzing data from observations within 11 European key NMC and have gathered key barriers, best practices, tools and services that are applied in these centers. We then developed methodology and means to share best practices across all European treatment centers and published the results in an international publication. As a next step, Alcimed followed up with several centers in order to understand the level of implementation of specific solutions and their impact on the workflow in NMCs in Europe. Lastly, the entire analysis has been expanded to a total of around 50 European centers, tools and outputs have been enriched and updated.

        The entire project helped European centers to optimize their treatment processes, which ultimately improved quality of care and quality of life for many patients.

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