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For over 20 years, Alcimed has been exploring the domain of women’s health and has supported its clients in their understanding and their innovative projects in women’s diseases, causes, treatments, and associated care.

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    The challenges related to women’s health

    Sex and gender have a significant impact on health and prevention, as pointed out by the WHO. Unfortunately, in different societies across the world, women face inequalities in terms of access to healthcare services and prevention.

    This is largely due to lack of knowledge, treatment, or care pathways that account for sex- and gender-specificities in healthcare, and/or due to socio-cultural factors (such as inequalities between women and man, or focuses only on women’s reproductive roles). As such, it is necessary to integrate sex and gender issues in health and treatment in order to better treat and support women, and to fight against health inequalities. The report “Sex, gender and health” published by the High Health Authority in 2020 in France calls for a collective comprehension of this subject.

    Things are moving in the right direction, as women’s health has seen a growing interest recently, including movements such as free speech and eliminating taboos, specialist players in the field strengthening their positions, and the development of numerous innovations thanks to the growth of the FemTech market (contraction of “Female” and “Technology”; a market of technologies and innovative solutions dedicated to women’s health).

    Healthcare services and treatments must continue to be developed to address the specific needs of women and to globally improve support for women, in order to reduce health inequalities linked to sex and gender.

    In this context, numerous challenges lie ahead for private actors (industries, biotechs, start-ups) and public players (research centers, hospitals), including the following:

      Tell us about your uncharted territory

      You have a project and want to discuss it with our explorers, write us!

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      How we support you in your projects related to women’s health 

      For over 10 years, Alcimed has developed a deep understanding with the problems, challenges, and players in the field of women’s health, through numerous market studies and the study of multiple strategic and forward-looking opportunities .

      More generally, our strong knowledge of players, their markets, and the environment surrounding them allows us to rapidly come to terms with the subjects trusted to us by our clients. For example, we have supported players such as:

      • French and European institutions and research centers
      • French and European public health establishments
      • European and North American biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies and professional associations

      Our projects cover diverse subjects including the study and evaluation of women’s health and FemTech market opportunities, strategic support for positioning of a new offer or entry into a new market, understanding of women’s diseases and their support systems (treatments and existing cares, uncovered needs, etc.), optimizing patient pathways by collaborating between public and private players, or helping to put together applications for research and innovation projects.

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      Examples of recent projects carried out for our clients in women's health

      • Supporting a pharmaceutical player in scientific understanding of certain women’s diseases

        We helped a pharmaceutical industry client in assessing scientific knowledge (quantity and quality of studies, level of consensus, etc.) and in comprehending the scientific mechanisms underlying 4 disorders specific to women’s health: premenstrual syndrome, primary dysmenorrhea, hormonal migraines, and cystitis.

        We also conducted a targeted study of a key country in order to evaluate the level of awareness in healthcare professionals and the public, and what information what available on these subjects in that country. In doing so, our study allowed our client to identify the key scientific messages to build a differentiating communication strategy for their health product.

        It also allowed them to help healthcare professionals and the grand public to better understand the physiology of women and importance of gender-specific medicine and treatment.

      • Supporting in the setting up of a women’s health institute

        We assisted a French public health establishment in setting up an institutional project specifically dedicated to women’s health.

        For this, we conducted a benchmark of institutes dedicated to women’s health in France and worldwide, to better understand their positioning and the problems they addressed.

        We then supported our client in defining their offer and the business plan of their institute.

      • Exploring new business opportunities in women’s health and FemTech

        One of our clients, a leading pharmaceutical company specialized in health products for the general public (consumer healthcare/OTC), wanted to explore new business opportunities for innovation and to strengthen their position as a market leader.

        After a first phase of study of key market tendencies of CHC, we together identified women’s health as a key domain containing innovative and interesting opportunities for our client. We therefore supported them in the identification, characterization, and prioritization of players and innovations (solutions, products, and technologies) in the women’s health and FemTech markets in France. To do so, we carried a study of 37 start-ups including innovations in subjects such as menopause, menstruation, sexual health and perinatal health.

        Finally, we evaluated the business opportunity for our client in innovations that we prioritized based on criteria such as level of innovation, synergy with our client’s activities, and potential for partnership.

      • Strategic support in evaluating the market opportunity for a new application in women’s pain

        Our client, an e-health player in the field of chronic pain care, wanted to evaluate the opportunity to develop a new application for supporting women in managing physical or psychological pain.

        We conducted a strategic study of 5 market segments in women’s health. For each of these segments, we brought to light the competition (number and types of solutions, positioning, etc.), the need (intensity of perceived need, current level of coverage of need, etc.), and the feasibility of the impact of each application.

        Thanks to this study, our client was able to prioritize each segments of interest in which to position their application.

      • Understanding of the prescription habits and treatment-decision criteria of oncologists in breast cancer treatment for a pharmaceutical player

        Alcimed worked with a pharmaceutical client to understand the underlying reasons behind the non-use of a treatment for certain types of patient profiles.

        We conducted interviews with oncologists to get an appreciation of the criteria influencing the prescription of a breast cancer chemotherapy. In doing so, we were able to identify the incentives and reasons behind the choice of a chemotherapy, whether it is linked to the characteristics of the patient or the psychological inducement and perception of the oncologist on a particular treatment.

        Our work enabled our client to get a better understanding of what is valued by healthcare professionals like oncologists for breast cancer patients and how they can improve the distribution and communication of their treatment in line with the prescribers’ habits.

      • Exploration of new market opportunities for a mid-size pharma company in the women healthcare sector

        One of our clients specialized in the women healthcare segment wanted to identify a new indication they could enter in the next few years.

        We conducted a strategic study based on interviews with experts such as general practitioners or gynecologists in Hungary, to investigate gynecological indications that affect women and select the key upcoming ones in the future of women’s health.

        Our study supported our client in the identification, characterization and prioritization of a new opportunity based on their internal capabilities to enter a new and growing indication, but also provided them with market trends, innovations, and a clear view on the competitive landscape among big, medium and small pharma.

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