Our explorations

New offers

We help our clients to imagine and build new offers, including new products or services but also new business models, new distribution channels or new digital channels. Our teams also help our customers to face the market reality, differentiate their offers from competitors, assess their market potential, and drive business development to generate the first contracts or the first sales.

Examples of recent explorations performed by our teams:

New service-offering in Healthcare
One of our clients, a global pharmaceutical leader, wanted to secure the position of one of its blockbusters by defining and implementing associated services for healthcare professionals but also for patients. We identified, evaluated and selected the most relevant services to be offered and then defined the offer, up to its operational implementation in a dozen subsidiaries.

New Real-World Evidence data collection offer
Explore the opportunity to use digital solutions for the generation and collection of Real-World Evidence (RWE) data for a leading healthcare company. For this project our teams evaluated the different data capture technologies, their characteristics, pros and cons as well as existing approaches for their use in RWE in France. Following our analysis, we defined four approaches for the implementation of the selected digital data solutions and established for our client an operational action plan to conduct pilot projects.

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