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Improve access to treatments for people living in low- and middle-income countries

Alcimed has been exploring for more than 25 years the drivers and barriers of access to medicines, including the availability and accessibility of medicines in middle income and developing countries, as well as in developed countries. Our team supports healthcare players in creating a broader access to medicines, for new and essential treatments.

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    The challenges related to access to medicines

    It is still a significant issue in many countries and is a prominent topic regarding world health. Although progress has been made in recent years, there are still many parts of the world where the access to timely care & medicine is questionable and remains a challenge.

    The key challenges for a broad, seamless access to medicines are simple : affordability, encompassing the question of price and reimbursement by health insurance systems, and physical availability, ie supply chain performance. Also, the lack of information about the medicines often prevents their large-scale use by the adequate patient population.

    In addition to these major concerns, we must not forget that even in the most developed nations, access to medicine is not equally granted in the population, and availability for subpopulation such as children can be limited.

    In the following paragraphs, we will explore the key challenges and the solutions envisaged to meet them.

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      You have a project and want to discuss it with our explorers, write us!

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      How we support you in your projects related to access to medicines

      For close to 30 years, Alcimed has been supporting its clients on numerous issues related to access to medicines, regarding various facets of the topic. Indeed, Alcimed has carried out more than 100 projects in his field, for different players such as:

      • National and European institutions and research centers (for example, the European Commission, INCa, AFM/Genethon).
      • European and North American biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology companies such as Genzyme (Sanofi), Shire (Takeda), Endo, Amgen, Chiron, Actelion (J&J), Alexion (Astrazeneca), PTC Therapeutics, Vertex, Sanofi, J&J, Roche, Merck-Serono, Novartis, Novagali (Santen), Spark Therapeutics (Roche), Insmed, Bone Therapeutics, Cellectis, NPS Pharma (Takeda), Intermune (Roche) and others.

      The diversity of our clients (pharmas, biotechs, research centers, professional associations, national or European institutions, etc.), the geographical fields we explore and the types of projects we carry out gives us a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the issues addressed in the field of access to medicines.

      Our projects cover topics as diverse as the development of generics or biosimilars in across the world, new funding mechanisms and P&R schemes, search for production or distribution partners, regulation analysis, Go-To-Market strategies, including market access strategies, organization of health systems across the world, etc.

      Examples of recent projects carried out for our clients in access to medicines

      • Supporting a biotech in the search for potential partners for biosimilars to enhance their access to medicines strategy

        Alcimed supported an emerging biotech in the search for partners to set up a novel bioproduction technology aiming to produce more affordable, and consequentially more accessible, pharmaceutical products (biosimilars) in developing countries.

        To do so, our team helped in identifying funding sources, organizations and potential partners to set up the technology and the production platform of our client in the designated low- and middle-income countries.

        In this project, we exchanged with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) promoting local drug production and access to medicines in the countries in-scope, as well as started discussions with international organizations providing funds for the establishment of healthcare production facilities in low-income countries such as NGOs, investment funds & governmental organizations.

      • Supporting a client in understanding the diabetes public health environment in 6 emerging countries to develop partnerships in global health with regards to accessibility of medicines

        Alcimed supported its client in understanding the international diabetes public health environment in China, Brazil, Nigeria, Egypt, India & Indonesia, as a first step in the search for opportunities and most suitable topics to develop.

        Our team mapped the key stakeholders, influencers, policy makers and policy shapers in the diabetes landscape in the in-scope countries. An in-depth literature analysis and interviews with key stakeholders were performed to landscape the integral diabetes environment in each country, including diabetes policies and related unmet needs.

        Our team also performed a gap analysis of the most important topics in each country, the programs already implemented in diabetes and the most promising projects to implement in terms of social, medical and access/availability issues.

      • Comprehensive analysis of the organization of the Brazilian health system to identify gaps to fill in access to medicines

        In a project scoping Brasil for a leading health industry player, Alcimed has completed an international large-scale comprehensive analysis of the health expenditures, the organization of the health system characteristics, the key drivers of the decentralization of the public health scheme and the related regulatory developments.

        In this project, our client gained an overarching view of the Brazilian organization of the health system as well as the shortcomings of the current scheme and related gaps to fill, where there is an opportunity to improve access to medicines.

        Moreover, we also investigated the various stakeholders and insurance systems of Brazil, to identify the key audiences to engage with and availability of medicines strategy.

      • Supporting a large pharmaceutical player in framing access to medicines scenarios

        Alcimed supported a large pharmaceutical player in framing their strategy to improve access to medicine in countries with insufficient health resources to treat their patients, beyond their already active strategy in a few focus areas.

        To do so, we broadened the scope of the access to medicines strategy for our client in various disease areas, as well as helped re-think their access to medicine approach in the future.

        Our team mapped and analyzed the various strategies of other pharmaceutical players and institutions in order to derive best practices and anticipate difficulties, prior to organizing and moderating collaborative workshops to imagine the best strategy for our client.

      • Understanding of the psychological barriers in flu vaccination to increase awareness for a leading pharmaceutical player

        Alcimed worked with a leading pharmaceutical player to enhance their public communications to boost flu vaccination awareness among targeted populations in Indonesia.

        Our team mapped the current initiatives by key public health stakeholders (healthcare providers, medical institutions, government agencies etc.), conducted in-depth literature analysis and interviews with groups of interest to evaluate the underlying psychological barriers and their potential impacts on vaccination adoption.

        Based on the opportunities and barriers identified in this project, we could identify the key barriers for boosting flu vaccination awareness and provide insights for our client to formulate strategic engagement with targeted groups through different communication channels.

      • Implementation of the access to medicine pillar of a leading pharmaceutical player in its global CSR roadmap

        Alcimed supported a leading pharmaceutical player in implementing a key pillar of its global CSR roadmap, which focused on increasing access to medicine in countries with high medical needs.

        In the first step, we mapped underserved countries with no established medical infrastructure and reimbursement models to identify priority issues specific to access of medicine. Internal interviews and knowledge review were then conducted with the client to co-identify and shortlist potential partners to work with in its global CSR roadmap.

        In the end, our work enabled our client to create a fact-supported global CSR strategy and roadmap for access to medicine in underserved countries.

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