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Alcimed’s teams have been exploring innovations in digital information sharing infrastructures for more than 10 years, and in particular the potential and opportunities related to Blockchain technology. Alcimed supports its clients in understanding the blockchain market, its applications and its potential for value creation.

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    The challenges related to blockchain

    Beyond the 1.5 trillion euros (or 1,500 billion) of the cryptocurrency market in June 2021, the private blockchain market, used by companies for services or products, could reach 40 billion in 2025.

    Although the banking service holds the lion’s share with, in particular, the applications for securing financial transactions with players such as Visa or Moneygram, there are other sectors that can also benefit from blockchain technology: healthcare, mobility, administrations, energy, etc. In healthcare in particular, the potential of the blockchain can be applied to the traceability of drugs, the security of patient records, the recruitment and monitoring of patients in clinical trials, serialization, etc.

    As this market is developing, manufacturers, pharmaceutical laboratories, biotechs and hospitals are facing numerous challenges, including:

      Tell us about your uncharted territory

      You have a project and want to discuss it with our explorers, write us!

      One of our explorers will contact you shortly.

      How we support you in your projects related to blockchain

      Alcimed supports its clients in their blockchain-related projects and in particular in evaluating and exploiting the potential and opportunities of blockchain technology in a B2B environment. While this technology is already finding practical applications in finance and cryptocurrency (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum), we are exploring its specific applications in areas that have yet to be fully explored, such as healthcare or mobility.

      The diversity of our clients (industrial companies, start-ups, national or European institutes, etc.), of the geographic areas we explore, and the types of projects we develop, give us a global and comprehensive insight into issues related to blockchain.

      Our projects around blockchain cover areas as diverse as characterizing new technologies and their applications, building a case for financing a collaborative project, evaluating blockchain opportunities and associated new business models, defining use cases, finding partners and regulatory developments.

      Examples of recent projects carried out for our clients in blockchain

      • Evaluation of opportunities around blockchain for the monitoring and traceability of healthcare products

        Our client, a global leader in the healthcare industry, wanted to understand the opportunities of blockchain in order to improve the traceability and security of its supply chain.

        We therefore analyzed the intrinsic characteristics of different blockchain technologies (continuous traceability of products throughout the value chain, increased data security thanks to improved and decentralized encryption, real-time access to data analysis, etc.), then compared them to our client’s situation.

        This was to identify the impact of such technologies on our client’s practices: increased efficiency, better cost management, reduced lead times, generation of secure weak signals, protection against cyber-attacks, etc.

        Ultimately, as the results were promising, our team defined a roadmap for the effective integration of blockchain technology into our client’s supply chain.

      • Definition of an agricultural data sharing platform using blockchain

        We have helped a private association, a major player in the agricultural sector in the Grand Est region of France, to structure an innovative platform project for sharing data between farmers, with the aim of promoting their “low carbon footprint” practices.

        From a technical point of view, blockchain technology was chosen, and a development plan was defined and budgeted. Legal and governance issues were also addressed, so that in the end the project was sufficiently strong to apply for a European call for projects (EIP: European Partnership for Innovation).

      • Industrial benchmark of factory 4.0 technologies, including blockchain

        We have supported an automotive supplier in the transformation of its production systems towards the factory of the future. Its aim was not to identify the technologies of the future, but to truly assess their performance, beyond the numerous communications on the topic, and to identify those of real interest in relation to its specific issues.

        We deciphered and selected technologies, including blockchain, 3D printing, virtual reality, etc. and analyzed their use in other industries to understand their real benefits and the key success factors of their adoption.

        The result for our client: several concrete pilots were carried out, and some technologies were actually implemented in its production processes.

      • Identification of potential Car-T cell options for a rare cancer indication for a pharma player

        Alcimed worked with a big pharma player to identify new potential treatment options in rare cancer, and prioritize them regarding their competitive threat level and their fit to existing portfolio.

        We supported this customer by firstly drawing a map of the current standard of care pathway in the rare cancer indication, understanding involved stakeholders, treatments and decision points. Next, we identified treatment options that possibly impact on this care pathway in the future, notably Car-T cell options. Together with the client we run strategic working sessions in order to assess competitive threat and commercial potential of Car-T cells.

        Using this methodology allowed us to recommend to our client whether or not an addition of Car T-cell to the existing portfolio shall be envisioned.

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