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The Alcimed team has been supporting healthcare players for more than 15 years to seize opportunities around companion diagnostics (CDx). We help our clients, whether industrial leaders, start-ups or healthcare establishments, to assess the potential of these new technologies, to build their development roadmaps or to integrate CDx into care pathways.

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    The challenges related to companion diagnostics

    Companion diagnostics have made it possible to make a leap in the efficiency of care, by helping to better target the patients to whom a particular treatment should be prescribed. In addition, for treatments where each dose is sometimes worth several thousand euros, having such an upstream patient identification tool is a real opportunity to avoid waste beyond the side effects for patients who can’t benefit from the treatment.

    For these reasons, the CDx market is booming, but pharmaceutical companies are faced with many challenges:

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      You have a project and want to discuss it with our explorers, write us!

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      How we support you in your projects related to companion diagnostics

      For more than 15 years, Alcimed has been supporting healthcare players, pharmaceutical companies and diagnostic companies, innovative start-ups and healthcare establishments in the area of companion diagnostics.

      The diversity of our clients, their challenges and the geographic fields of our projects allows us to have an in-depth understanding of the companion diagnostics market. We have accompanied our clients on numerous issues such as the identification of the key success factors for the development of a CDx, the analysis of regulatory frameworks, the construction of the marketing strategy and business model associated with the launch of a companion diagnostic, the assessment of the market potential of a new CDx technology, the identification of potential partners and possible collaboration models, the implementation of a stakeholder engagement strategy, the optimization of care pathways, the prospective analysis of the CDx market,… and many more!

      Examples of recent projects carried out for our clients in companion diagnostics

      • Market potential study of a pancreatic cancer biomarker and associated companion diagnostics (CDx)

        Alcimed supported a player in the pharmaceutical industry in assessing the potential for using a pancreatic cancer biomarker as a companion test.

        Based on an in-depth technical and economic study of the various existing diagnostic technologies for pancreatic cancer, we were able to estimate the added value of a new specific biomarker in this environment, specify its advantages and its positioning. Drawing inspiration from other CDx cases, we were able to identify the most suitable business model, and thus assess the potential market for the companion diagnostics considered.

        Our discussions with players in the sector throughout this project also resulted in operational recommendations for market entry strategy for this new companion test.

      • Analysis of the regulatory procedures to be followed in case of co-development of a CDx and a treatment

        Alcimed studied, on behalf of a pharmaceutical company, the regulatory constraints related to the marketing and P&R (price and reimbursement) of personalized medicine products on the markets for the US, Japan, France, Belgium, Germany and UK. In particular, we assessed the specificities of each country and the procedures to be followed for the co-development of a CDx with a drug.

        After having understood and compared the measures in place between the geographical areas, we have drawn up a table of the regulatory changes expected in the short and medium term for each area. This step was the subject of the creation of a guide of good practices to be put in place to deal with regulatory challenges, intended for our client’s local subsidiaries.

        Finally, we identified the issues around pricing and reimbursement terms to advise our client on the preferred business model to optimize its launch.

      • Mapping of companion diagnostics market players and their partnership strategies with laboratories

        In order to help our client, a major pharmaceutical company, to define the best partnership strategy to implement in the field of CDx, we have proposed an original mapping, allowing to visualize the current partnerships linking pharmaceutical laboratories and diagnostic players, and to decipher its structuring characteristics.

        Some major strategic partnership plans were drawn up, which we were able to compare and prioritize according to the specific situation and expectations of our client. On the strategic option chosen, we identified the relevant diagnostic players in the context of co-development, and thus informed the choice of our client on the best partner.

      • Evaluation of the expected impact of personalized medicine on the Belgian and French healthcare systems in the short and medium term

        The first step of this project was to carry out an in-depth study to understand and map the national health systems in France and Belgium with regard to personalized medicine products, both drugs and companion tests. We then assessed the impact that these new practices will or could have on these healthcare systems. Finally, we assessed their impact on national reimbursement systems.

        Thanks to the analysis of the expected impact of personalized medicine, we were able to provide our client with the knowledge and tools necessary to address the issues of standards and regulations in these two countries.

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