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Broaden your digital marketing strategy and strengthen your patient centric approach using pharma chatbots

The Alcimed Healthcare team has been exploring the potential of chatbots in healthcare even before the rise of interest on the topic and supports industry players in their projects related to the development, implementation and assessment of AI chatbots.

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    The challenges related to chatbots in healthcare

    Healthcare chatbots are an answer to multiple issues and struggles in the healthcare system; the lack of engagement from patients, HCP’s time stress, and “beyond the pill” and RWE initiatives of pharmaceutical companies. Leveraging chatbots in healthcare has the potential to address these challenges. Nonetheless, many of them remain to be tackled, in the technology, its acceptance, its regulation, and its contents.

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      You have a project and want to discuss it with our explorers, write us!

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      How we support you in your projects related to chatbots in healthcare

      The Alcimed’s Healthcare team is supporting its clients on many issues related to digital and AI healthcare solutions, and the development and implementation of chatbots in human health, in animal health, with hospitals, and medical practices.

      Our projects with chatbots are conducted for startups and incubators looking to develop and launch their solution, as well as for pharmaceutical companies wanting to implement healthcare chatbots and improve their brand image and their clinical trials, and for European institutions and research centers.

      The diversity of our clients, the topics we cover, the geographic areas and therapeutic areas we explore, and the types of projects we run give us comprehensive and in-depth insight into issues related to chatbots in healthcare.

      Our projects cover innovative technologies within the field of AI in healthcare, understanding the current and future impact on pharmaceutical companies’ business, the development of portfolio strategies, the search for partners, and many more!

      Examples of recent projects carried out for our clients related to chatbots in healthcare industry

      • Exploring the potential of pharma chatbots for Real World Evidence data collection

        We supported one of our clients, a leading pharma player, in identifying what type of data can be generated and collected from healthcare chatbots to improve their Real-World Evidence (RWE) strategy. In addition to providing a conversational agent, our client wanted to see the potential return in terms of data collection they were able and legally authorized to perform.

        We achieved this by defining digital sources that can be used to generate RWE (conversations and information shared with chatbots) and the usage of such collected data. In a second step, our team analyzed the advantages and limitations of these chatbots in pharma solutions, giving our client with a clear picture of the market on the collection of RWE through healthcare chatbots.

        Alcimed ultimately defined a roadmap to implement a RWE strategy and how healthcare chatbots fit in this approach for our client.

      • Evaluating the business potential of an integrated AI chatbot in healthcare

        We supported one of our clients, a leading healthcare player, in assessing the need for an integrated AI chatbot for the automatic handling and virtual assistance on specific requests in hospital settings and care. The objective for our client was to find ways to improve the general quality of customer service and enable a 24/7 support platform.

        As a first step, Alcimed interviewed key leaders in hospital management across Western Europe to understand their current practices in handling these topics and evaluate the volume of requests. Then, we challenged the idea of an AI chatbot automatically answering patients questions with their experience and gathering feedback to evaluate the potential of such a solution.

      • Defining and shaping an integrated AI chatbot solution for a pharma player

        We supported one of our industry clients in understanding the opportunity and market dynamics, as well as the perception of chatbots in healthcare to better shape their offer and solution.

        We first mapped the market to provide our client with an understanding of the segments with high potential and the competition existing in the market. Then, through exchanges with stakeholders in Pharma, CROs, non-profit CROs, hospitals, and medical device companies, we consolidated the decision of developing an integrated AI chatbot solution and confronted the features of the future chatbot healthcare solution. As the perceived value was high, we identified potential buyers to target first, their exact needs and pain points, which potentially could be translated in new value propositions.

        Overall, Alcimed laid out the roadmap and next steps for our client to navigate towards the success of their integrated AI chatbot in healthcare.

      • Defining the outlines and features of the medical chatbots of a healthcare player

        We supported one of our clients, a healthcare player, in the definition of the features and content displayed on their AI chatbot.

        We first identified the trends on the topic and the main challenges in the patient’s journey of the disease for which the healthcare chatbot has been developed. Then, we challenged these findings with patient interviews and focus groups to assess their relevance and confirm the need for a medical chatbot to answer these pain points.

        Following positive feedback from patients and the clear gaps identified in the care pathway, we both confirmed the need and relevance of such a medical chatbot but also initiated contact with patient associations, laying the groundwork for basic adoption and acquisition after the launch of the application.

        Building on that success, Alcimed contacted Key Opinion leaders and doctors to constitute an advisory board, helping with the redaction and proofreading of the content, making sure the information answers the identified needs and is up to date and accurate.

      • Market potential of an AI Chatbot for automatic handling of data privacy requests in hospitals

        Alcimed supported a healthcare player validate the business potential of  an integrated AI chatbot for the automatic handling of data privacy requests in hospitals.

        Such requests are today processed manually by Data Protection Offices in hospitals. So we  first reached out to several DPO throughout Western Europe to gauge a comprehensive understanding of current practices and size the existing volume of the handled requests.

        We then evaluated the receptivity of key stakeholders to the envisaged chatbot solution, highlighting the key benefits and PoCs they would need to be convinced, and specifying the potential use cases. In the end, we concluded on the potential interest in integrating a chatbot to automate handling of data privacy requests in different countries, and prioritized two distinct countries for launch.

      • Identification of opportunities for a pharma player in AI Chatbot solutions for GDPR Communication

        Alcimed supported a leading pharmaceutical player evaluate the dynamics and opportunities in the GDPR communication service market, and btest the perception of their integrated AI Chatbot solution.

        We first provided our clients with an overview of the general market of AI chatbots for data privacy communication. In a second phase, we tested the receptivity of several types of potential clients (pharma companies, CRO, hospitals, med tech manufacturers) towards AI chatbot solutions to be able to define the market potential and assess the value of these tools.

        Our analysis enabled the client to better understand the segments in which there was a high potential for such an offer, and to consolidate the decision for their development strategy. Additionally, the analysis helped identify potential customers the client could target first, with an outline of their concerns regarding data privacy communication.

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