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Patient centricity is an approach that is at the heart of current issues facing healthcare industrial players. The Alcimed Healthcare team brings all its expertise on this subject to its clients and supports them in their global patient-centric approaches as well as in all their projects related to this topic.

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    The challenges related to patient centricity 

    For healthcare companies, patient centricity brings together issues affecting various stages of a product’s life cycle (innovation, clinical trials, development, patient journey, compliance, etc.) and many functions (R&D, medical, communication, marketing, etc.). This global approach has shaken up the traditional model and constitutes a real challenge for players in the pharmaceutical industry.

    Among the key issues of patient centricity, we find in particular:

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      How we support you in your projects related to patient centricity

      Alcimed accompanies many players in the healthcare market in their approaches around patient centricity. The diversity of our clients (players in the pharmaceutical industry, medical devices, diagnostic, biotechs, etc.), the geographical fields we explore, and the types of projects we develop, give us global in-depth understanding of the challenges covered in patient-centric approaches.

      Our projects cover topics as diverse as understanding patient needs and social listening, patient experience, integrating expert patients into innovation processes, market analysis for the development of digital healthcare solutions, patient-centered communication, creation of new offers and services, development of positioning strategies, etc.

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      Examples of recent projects carried out for our clients in patient centricity

      • Support for a player in the pharmaceutical industry to develop the commitment of expert patients in the development process of its drugs

        One of our clients, a major laboratory in the pharmaceutical industry, wanted to improve its innovation process by developing a patient-centered approach.

        To support it in this approach, Alcimed worked on the involvement of expert patients in the drug development process for our client. We first studied the integration of expert patients with the key functions of the company, and the roles involved in the innovation process. We then assessed the company’s pipeline in order to identify the advantages of a “well-balanced” deployment, leading to a rapid and efficient deployment of the new mode of organization. Finally, we developed tools to facilitate the deployment and monitoring of the performance of the actions implemented, in particular an interactive digital module to train the entire company in the process, the definition and monitoring of performance indicators, and communication materials.

        The expert patient engagement program is now fully integrated into the business and has resulted in more than 26 expert patient engagements, and continues to expand.

      • Advising a player in the pharmaceutical industry for the development of a patient-centered solutions offer

        In order to support one of our clients in its patient-centric approach by creating new solutions, Alcimed first carried out an analysis of current practices in the care of patients in hepatology & gastroenterology: patient journey, practices, decision criteria for prescribing, identification of sources of information for healthcare professionals, highlighting of specificities by profile of healthcare professionals, etc.

        Then, our team identified and prioritized the needs and expectations in this context, in order to identify potential solutions to develop for our client. Finally, we carried out a screening of potential solutions as well as an evaluation of the solutions in terms of receptivity and differentiation, to develop a prioritization of the solutions to be targeted.

        For our client, this study led to a revised segmentation of prescribers with additional arguments on the needs and expectations to be targeted, as well as clearer strategic and tactical orientations to strengthen their patient-centered positioning, with solutions identified and prioritized for the next steps.

      • Defining and implementing the positioning strategy of a drug against diabetes in Europe with a patient-centric approach

        Patient centricity is increasingly integrated into the overall strategy of our clients in healthcare. In this context, our team supported a pharmaceutical laboratory which wanted to define the positioning of its treatment against diabetes, based on the new results of clinical trials of its product and the offers of the competition.

        To do this, we first carried out a market study that gave our client a clear understanding of the local healthcare system in the target countries. Following this study, we were able to recommend the best positioning scenario applicable to the targeted European countries, while integrating into a patient-centric approach. Ultimately, we were able to offer our client a new patient-centered model and formalized alternative positioning scenarios for their treatment.

      • Analyzing the patient-centric communication of competitors of a pharmaceutical industry player to refine its communication strategy

        The patient-centric approach is a strong argument with patients, and therefore a strategic axis of communication for healthcare industrial players. In this context, Alcimed carried out for a client in the pharmaceutical industry an analysis of the communication strategy of competitors in rheumatoid arthritis concerning emotional attachment, scientific communication, patient-centered formulation, etc.

        The documentary research and the analysis of advertisements, scientific conferences, or even the websites of competing companies allowed our client to better understand their communication strategy, particularly regarding communication around patient centricity, and to adapt its own strategy.

      • Integration of patient voice at the heart of the development of a new prostate cancer treatment for a pharmaceutical company

        Alcimed helped a major player in the pharmaceutical industry integrate the voice of prostate cancer patients at the heart of its development of new solutions.

        To achieve this, our team began by analyzing current patient practices, in order to understand unmet needs and common problems, as well as the strengths of existing solutions on the market. Following this phase of interviews with patients, workshops based on the “design thinking” methodology were conducted in collaboration with our customer.

        Thanks to a methodological approach directly involving patients, our study enabled our customer to imagine and prototype innovations that were as close as possible to market needs.

      • Organization and moderation of several patient focus groups for a medical device manufacturer

        Alcimed worked with a leading medical device company that wanted to incorporate patients’ views into the development of a new product.

        Our team organized focus groups in 3 countries located in Europe, the United States and Asia, bringing together around ten patients to gather their opinions on an innovation being developed by our customer. Observation of the device’s handling and use, as well as capturing feedback from future users, helped clarify patients’ expectations and highlight potential difficulties in use that had not yet been identified.

        Consolidation and analysis of the feedback obtained during the exchanges enabled our team to make a recommendation to our customer as to the next steps in its development.

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