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The Alcimed team supports its clients to explore the potential of radiopharmaceuticals for an expanding range of oncology indications, to understand how services and devices can facilitate the adoption of more complex therapeutics in care centers, and to develop commercial strategies to enable nuclear medicine and radiotherapy to become a common option across the patient pathway. For diagnostic use and as injectable therapeutics, radiopharmaceuticals have shown their increasing potential for theranostic and personalized medicine.

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    The challenges related to radiopharmaceuticals

    Nuclear medicine has long been focused on diagnostics and requires specific expertise and access to expensive equipment. A PET scanner can cost upwards of $2M, require a large space, and staff with unique training: nuclear medicine physicians, radiopharmacists, specialized technicians and staff. As applications grow beyond prostate cancer and other historical success to a wide range of cancers and even neurological applications, challenges in manufacturing, patient pathway, accessibility are expected to scale up with the approval of more radiopharmaceuticals:

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      You have a project and want to discuss it with our explorers, write us!

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      How we support you in your projects related to radiopharmaceuticals

      In the field of radiopharmaceuticals, Alcimed supports its client in exploring the patient unmet needs, and current and future competition to build a strong target value profile and inform clinical development. We can also screen existing technologies and companies to identify relevant partners for licensing, for commercialization, such as radiopharmacy networks. Defining and challenging the design of injectable solution preparation kits, or devices and services to facilitate the timely administration of radiopharmaceuticals drugs is critical for such complex products.

      We support clients across the pharmaceutical industry, diagnostic players, and the academic and care provider space, e.g. Novartis, Bayer, J&J, Bracco, CNRS, major hospitals, etc. This experience and our explorer DNA makes Alcimed an ideal partner to provide a comprehensive strategic outlook on this fast-changing field.

      Examples of recent projects carried out for our clients in radiopharmaceuticals

      • Defining the commercial and logistics strategy for a short shelf-life radiopharmaceutical

        Alcimed worked with a top pharmaceutical client to plan their commercial and logistics strategy for a novel targeted radionuclide.

        Across six countries, Alcimed determined in which cancer centers or clinics were most patients treated for three major indications and their level of nuclear medicine capabilities. Alcimed built hypotheses based on the best available data (diagnosis or surgery numbers percenter, presence of a PET scanner or level of accreditation, county-level cancer incidence, etc.) and challenged them during interviews with nuclear medicine physicians, pharmacists, and other stakeholders.

        Alcimed deployed an automated approach to map 4000 clinics and hospitals and identify the shortest freight time to potential manufacturing sites through road and air. The exploration of this interactive map with our client helped us validate that even with a limited shelf life, most major cancer sites would be able to receive the drug and treat patients.

        This enabled our client to prioritize its commercial efforts in key cities to launch, and also determine a broader market-shaping strategy to overcome capability gaps in key countries.

      • Determining and deploying best practices to improve the care of patients treated with a radiopharmaceutical across 50 hospitals

        Alcimed supported a global pharma company to understand the obstacles to treating prostate cancer patient with a novel radiopharmaceutical across major cancer centers.

        Based on a full representation of the treatment process from diagnostics to the patient journey within the center for a visit, the role of each stakeholder, Alcimed identified levers to optimize care and increase efficiency. The best practices defined in collaboration with major cancer centers were then deployed across many countries to educate cancer centers.

        This increased adoption enabled our client’s commercial and marketing team to feel much closer to their customers and develop this new treatment approach.

      • Refining the role of PET-PSMA in an oncology portfolio strategy

        Alcimed recently supported a global pharma client to refine its portfolio strategy. PET-PSMA is a novel diagnostic modality using targeted radiopharmaceuticals that can find micrometastases that would have been invisible before.

        Alcimed projected the impact of its adoption on patient pathway, disease staging, and the impact on standard of care and prescription behavior of the client’s drugs and competitors.

        By looking at the medium term consequences of PET-PSMA, Alcimed recommended a new positioning and specific tactics to leverage the opportunities created by this new standard of care.

      • Developing a strategy for radiopharmaceutical API manufacturing

        Alcimed recently supported a global pharma manufacturer to understand the radiopharmaceutical market and position a production of small batch API.

        In this project, our team first explored the needs of potential American customers in terms of API, volume, and purpose to scope our investigation and identify relevant potential partners manufacturers. We therefore then identified and screened European manufacturers, prior to recommend to our client potential manufacturing partners with the right quality and quantity requirement to address each customer segment identified.

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