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African innovation - Solutions to monitoring COVID-19

African Innovation: Solutions to Monitoring COVID-19 Cases with Precision

Precise studies about the number of African cases remain rare as African countries have been reporting fragmented data, undermining the number of cases, leading to dangerous outbreaks. Why does 16.7% of the world population only represent 4.3% of reported cases? Precise epidemiology to inform humanitarian and economic policy is lagging. Alcimed explores in this article how African innovation could provide better data and solutions for the pandemic response on the continent.  

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Photodynamic therapy in cancer treatment

4 Questions about Photodynamic Therapy in Cancer Treatments

8 July 2020 | Alcim's articles

Despite scientific advances in diagnosis and treatment, as well as advances in care and prevention, cancer remains the second leading cause of death worldwide (9.6 million in 2018). In addition to the symptoms of the disease, patients suffer from the adverse effects of heavy treatments, which sometimes have lifelong after-effects. In this article, we focus on photodynamic therapy, a treatment that has been developing for cancer over the past 40 years, and which offers numerous benefits for patients.

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Biomimétisme et matériaux intelligents auto-durcissants pour les dispositifs médicaux. Biomimicry and self-hardening smart materials for medical devices.

Biomimicry and smart materials: How did sea cucumbers inspire self-hardening materials in ambient conditions?

7 July 2020 | Alcim's articles

BIOMIMICRY & SMART MATERIALS SERIES (1/3): Today, biomimicry is a recognized source of inspiration for scientific innovation since it is the source of great technological breakthroughs. This approach to innovation is now applied to intelligent materials, capable of adapting to their external environment from low intensity stimuli. The study of sea cucumbers has inspired new smart materials that open up new perspectives for implantable devices. At Alcimed, our Chemicals-Materials team reviews the new hardening intelligent materials applicable in particular to the medical sector.

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Intraoperative detection of tumors cancer cells oncology

Intraoperative detection of tumors: the next big thing in oncology?

3 July 2020 | Alcim's articles

Intraoperative detection of cancer cells is a new and innovative form of interventional oncology. It has been applied in diagnosis, treatment or symptom easement and brings along minimal invasive procedures and precision medicine approaches in need of multiple biopsies. The next step of advancement comes with intraoperative detection of cancer cells. In this article we will walk you through some reasons why this approach is so innovative and will describe some interesting players engaged in the field.

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ASCO 2020 9 highlights of therapeutic strategies in oncology.jpg

ASCO 2020: 9 key highlights to remember from the newest therapeutic strategies in oncology

29 June 2020 | Alcim's articles

At the end of May, specialists from the field of oncology from all over the world shared their newest findings at the annual American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting. While this time in a virtual setting, high quality research was presented. Especially the topic of personalized medicine around immunotherapies and targeted drugs have been a hot subject during the ASCO 2020 meeting and have been presented during the plenary sessions.

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