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For more than 30 years, our specialized team has been supporting everyday the leaders of the aeronautics, space and defence sector in their innovation and new market development projects.

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    How we support players in the aeronautic, space and defence sector

    Founded in 1993, Alcimed is a consulting firm specialized in innovation and new markets development in life sciences. Spread over our 8 offices in the world (in France, Europe, Singapore and the USA), our team of 220 high-level explorers supports everyday decision-makers and business departments (marketing, research, innovation, strategy, CSR, etc.) in their innovation and new market development projects.

    Our projects for the Aeronautics, Space and Defence industries cover subjects as diverse as state-of-the-art , market studies, the identification of new technologies, the elaboration of roadmaps, the implementation of circular economy models, improving the customer experience, defining supply strategies, developing new sectors, launching innovations, studying new applications, conducting foresight analyses, redesigning business models, identifying partners, and much more!

    And our activities are not limited to the agri-food sector. The diversity of our clients (manufacturers, ETIs, innovative start-ups, institutions, etc.), the subjects we deal with, and the geographical areas we explore, enable us to master a wide range of missions and develop recognized expertise in our specialized sectors.

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    • Logo_carre_Thales

      "We’ve launched “The Race” with Alcimed, an initiative helping us pivoting our core business. With The Race we are building strong differentiation through innovations going beyond technology. For several months, we embark and support key Product Lines to shake beliefs and demonstrate our capacity to innovate. Feedbacks show impressive change of mindsets and great business impacts! The Race is now a community inspiring action in all our Business Units. This initiative was welcomed by both teams and management members."

      Valérie BERTHEAU

      Group Product Policy VP

    • Logo_carre_MBDA

      "We worked with Alcimed on various emerging technology themes. Alcimed enabled us to provide internal experts with a complementary watch and state of the art, an analysis of complex ecosystems, sources of inspiration from different industries, as well as the identification of the most promising partners and/or technologies. This approach improves the understanding of the dynamics of research ecosystems and guides internal concepts and investments."

      Patrice RAIPIN

      Sales and Business Development for Technologies and New Products

    Examples of projects carried out for our clients in the aeronautics, space and defence sectors

    • Definition of an aerospace manufacturer's future smart factory

      Alcimed supported one of its leading clients in aircraft production on the design of its future factory 4.0. The objective of our client was to gain competitiveness and to be one step ahead of its competitors in terms of expertise in assembly and testing.

      To do this, Alcimed began by making an inventory of the client’s expertise. Then, our teams carried out a benchmark of the existing best practices in the assembly industry, analyzed their impact on our client’s KPIs, and analyzed their transferability for our client’s activities.

      Finally, using all this information, our team held several workshops with our client to define their ideal smart factory and be able to challenge its solution providers.

    • Analysis of the business model for a novel New Space offer that uses a satellite to provide a service in space (space tug)

      We supported a player in the Space field who had developed a concept for offering space services in orbit (satellite movement, refueling, repair, surveillance, debris recovery, etc.) with the goal of being profitable after 7 years.

      Our client asked us to challenge the business model of the space tug by analyzing the return on investment of the services envisaged for 2 types of activities: transport (change of orbit and others) and geo-services (inspection, refueling, etc.).

      First, we studied the land logistics business models. We then worked in collaboration with our client to evaluate and compare the return on investment and the profitability of the various services envisaged. Finally, we considered and compared 3 service provision models (mono-tug vs. multiple-service tug, centralization hub, etc.).

      This study allowed our client to identify the MVP – Minimum Viable Product – (package of services and type of tug) that would allow it to achieve a return on investment after 7 years.

    • Animation of a strategic foresight workshop on combat drones and theaters of operations to be considered by 2030

      Our team supported an aeronautical client in defining its positioning strategy for combat drones by 2025 – 2030.

      To do so, we organized and animated a role-playing wargame, whereby four teams were able to reflect on their tactical war strategies. Each had to imagine the future drone systems and technologies in 2030.

      This team exercise made it possible to predefine the major families of systems and the main positioning axes that could be envisaged for our client, as well as the possible associated business models.

    • Setting up a cybersecurity platform for Defense and Information Systems Security

      Alcimed supported a leading security & digital industrial player in a coaching and support process for a product line to develop a cybersecurity offer as a digital platform.

      This enabled both the detection and the identification of cyber-attacks aimed at all types of players (industrial and public players, governments, etc.) to achieve both digital security and sovereignty, while ensuring controlled risk management and optimal cyber resilience.

      To do this, our team carried out an analysis of the needs and expectations of the various players in the ecosystem (manufacturers, ministerial institutions, startups, governments, etc.) for this platform, as well as an analysis of the competition and a study of the cybersecurity market. Our investigation made it possible to define relevant use cases for such a platform, to redefine the value proposition of the offer, and to identify the key success factors and potential barriers for its further development.

      The result for our client? The validation of the relevance of its platform with regard to the needs of the market and the client ecosystem, the definition of the most relevant value proposition as well as the business model, and recommendations on its future positioning.

    • Creation of a new as-a-service offer to expand a target customer base in the field of ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconaissance)

      Our team supported a Defense company wishing to build a new range of services in the field of ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance) to extend its target to civilians, and to go beyond its historical clients in Defense.

      We helped our client get a more detailed vision of the ecosystem around ISR and the needs and expectations of potential clients. Our analysis also allowed us to strengthen our client’s offer and to test the receptivity of its offer with potential prospects.

      Finally, we identified partners of interest to launch such a platform.

    • Support for an aerospace player in the assessment of digital platforms in precision agriculture

      One of our clients, an aerospace manufacturer, wanted to develop its offer and refine its strategy towards technological suppliers in precision agriculture.

      For this, we screened the key players offering digital platforms on the precision agriculture market, and evaluated these platforms using 2 key criteria: the audience reached by the platform and the level of service provided.

      On this basis, we were able to offer our client a selection of key companies to target for the development of its commercial strategy.

    • Definition of a data as-a-service business model for the Data Lab of an aerospace player

      Alcimed supported an aerospace player in the development of the business model of a Data Lab whose objective is to accelerate and promote projects using Big Data in several areas of space (spatial data analysis, telemetry data analysis, etc.).

      This initiative allows the availability of various data under a data as-a-service model. To do this, our team carried out a benchmark of best practices from industrial players using Data Labs in other sectors as well as an internal study of our client’s needs and expectations.

      This allowed us to guide our client on the best development strategy to set up including the organization, the type of services to offer, the benefits and constraints to take into account, etc. Alcimed finally delivered recommendations on the Data Lab’s offer and business model, from its structure to the types of services.

    • Identification of new sources of inspiration based on biomimicry for a player in aeronautics, space and defense

      One of our clients in the field of aeronautics, space and defense, wanted to unite its R&D teams around the subject of biomimicry and generate new avenues of exploration through this field. To do this, our team followed a four-step process:

      1. We first defined key functionalities on which the biomimetic approach could have a contribution in the context of our client.
      2. We identified inspiring biomimetic case studies on these functionalities.
      3. We organized a creativity workshop to bring out ideas and avenues for reflection on biomimicry.
      4. We finally analyzed and prioritized all the ideas generated in order to select the most relevant and promising ones.

      Our project allowed our client to enrich their R&D roadmap with many new ideas!

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      You have a project and want to discuss it with our explorers, write us!

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