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Published on 25 February 2020 Read 25 min

Data are generated all along the pharma value creation chain: from molecular and genomics data to medical imaging, from clinical trials to real world evidence, from internal tender databases to CRMs. Yet, the data are generally drowned in high-level strategic digital transformation projects and rarely exploited or even accessible at the operational level to make informed business decisions. Data science resources existing within healthcare companies remain confined to these projects and are hardly available for more focused questions.

This year, Alcimed launches a new activity in data!

To address these stakes, Alcimed launches this year a new activity in data. We propose to our clients, decision-makers within healthcare industry, a pragmatic approach to leverage Big data and Small data in order to answer their business questions.

To unlock the potential of data, we rely on our deep understanding of the healthcare industry stakes, on our proximity with the day-to-day challenges of our clients in their functions (from R&D to local commercial operations), and on our new competencies in data science. Our team of data explorers includes data analysts and data scientists, who work hand in hand with healthcare team in order to unravel the puzzles of data.

Thanks to these double competencies, we can support you in deciphering the internal and external data relevant to the context of your business stakes. We will then exploit these data in order to extract the relevant patterns and insights and to provide coherent answers to your business questions. We can also support you in understanding the business model behind data, in the choice of the right partner, in the deployment of data-driven innovation process, and in many other ad-hoc project.

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