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Develop new sources of revenue by selling your co-products or identifying new markets for your offerings

For more than 30 years, our specialized team has been supporting manufacturers in the valorization of co-products obtained during transformation processes, but also more broadly in their valorization strategies beyond co-products: identification of new market segments to add value to a product or service, or research into new growth levers.

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    How we support you in your valorization strategy

    Alcimed supports its customers in their recovery strategies beyond co-products by identifying new market segments to add value to a product or service and by finding new growth levers.

    More specifically, Alcimed assists its customers in the valorization of co-products for which a financial contribution is necessary in order to eliminate them or for which the old valorization routes are saturated by other competing products. This valorization can be economical, through the identification of new applications with high added value allowing to improve the margin, and can also be part of an environmental – CSR approach (circular economy, recycling, new processes, raw materials etc.).

    Examples of recent valorization strategies carried out for our clients

    • Valorization of an antimicrobial protection technology in the hygiene and health sector

      We assisted an industrial client in the development of its antimicrobial protection technology. Our client had a technology for protection against many microorganisms. Until then used in a variety of markets (food processing, textile industry, automotive, …) and for many applications, our client wanted to promote its technology in the hygiene and health sector.

      After a detailed mapping of the value chains of the new targeted sectors and a competitive analysis, our team identified and co-selected with our client priority market segments, then tested the market receptivity, needs and expectations of prospects.

      This comprehensive analysis allowed our client to decide on a strategy to prioritize its market approach: which segment, which sub-segment, in which order of priority, … and to build a commercial approach to differentiate itself from the competition.

    • Valorization strategy of distillery co-products for a beverage player

      One of our customers, a leading alcoholic beverage company, had the ambition to reduce its carbon footprint by 50% by 2030. However, the valorization of distillery by-products was energy-intensive.

      Alcimed’s role was to assist the technical director in benchmarking the technologies used in combustion, gasification and other thermo-chemical technologies for wet co-products. We then evaluated the feasibility of some of these technologies for our client’s co-products.

      Alcimed was thus able to recommend two relevant options allowing its client to valorize its co-products by optimizing its energy consumption!

    • Economic valorization strategy for a research institute

      Support of a public research institute on the definition of its valorization strategy. After having segmented our client’s activity into 36 areas of activity, Alcimed selected 14 strategic areas with high potential for economic valorization.

      Following this work, we carried out 14 market studies (context elements, positioning on the value chain, identification of major principals and competing public institutes, ID cards of major competitors, market drivers and locks, maturity, SWOT analysis) in order to define a strategic framework for defining the institute’s economic valorization strategy: main partners and projects, typology of partners, key valorization information, major potential customers, target countries/areas, key offers to be put forward, key success factors and valorization pathways.

    • Valorization strategy for biohydrogen production

      We assisted a French industrial player in its strategy to valorize resources for the production of biohydrogen.

      Our client first wanted to obtain an overview of the market and industrial applications of hydrogen in Europe, as well as the technical specifications of the hydrogen used by the industrial players investigated. Secondly, the objective was to evaluate the interest of potential customers – industrial gas suppliers – in developing a biohydrogen supply offer.

      For this purpose, Alcimed conducted interviews with experts of the sector as well as with industrial gas suppliers in order to evaluate their interest in proposing biohydrogen instead of conventional hydrogen to their customers. Finally, we selected 2 applications where the use of industrial H2 was compatible with a biohydrogen supply.

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